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Oct 6, 2006 12:38 AM

Westin Inn, Stamford, CT

Is there anything good near and around the Westin for a nice, different lunch than what I'd find in Manhattan? Anything unique, interesting, good?

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  1. Ahh, the westin. Used to work near there. I'm assuming you have a car? there's nothing within a reasonable walk from there.

    When you say nice - are you looking for a nice atmosphere, or just good food? Unfortunately here in stamford, I don't find both of those to cross much. There's good food, and there's good atmosphere, but not a ton of the places intersect all that often.

    As I mentioned in another post a few posts below yours, I really like Antojitos Chapines, a guatemalen restaurant on West Main. It's small and lacking an atmosphere, but it is clean and has some really good food. And, it's not something easy to find in manhattan. Anyhow, there are lots of little places like that around.

    1. OP--the answer is NO, unfortunately. There is no food in Stamford that you can't find in Manhattan. Sadly, your location is one of several food-dead spots in town. However, see this recent thread for suggestions if you happen to have transportation:

      Or, you can head into "downtown."