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Oct 6, 2006 12:08 AM

Kalamath falls

Anyone evever eaten in Kalamath Falls, OR?

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  1. I live in KFalls. What's your preference?

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      1. I should have picked up your post before I left on my trip. On the recommendation of the motel staff I went to a local steak house and had one of the worst steak dinners I've ever had in my life. Because it was kind of an old fashionioned place I thought they might have a good cocktail. After about 20 min. the waitress returned with something that was pure vodka of the worst variety. Kalamath Falls looks like an interesting town and perhaps they have some good tacquericas?

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        1. re: Emily Ford

          You should have done a search. You would have found an Italian place,
          a Vietnamese place, and several mexican places + the BBQ on Washburn Way, + The Pinehurst Inn, up in the Mountains.

        2. Next time you're in town, check out Bel Tramonto. It's a traditional Italian fine dining restaurant that is awesome. Ala carte menu with 5 course dinner specials 5 nights a week. It's kinda new, so people may not have heard of it, but it's really excellent. Great food made from scratch, excellent service.

          You're right about the mexican food - 27 different mexican restuarants at last count. That and pizza joints rule the roost. That's why Bel is such a breath of fresh air.

          What brought you to town? Were you visiting the Running Y?

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            What's the Running Y? No, actually I'm from northern ca and I was traveling to Portland to interview for a job. Instead of driving the whole way I decided to drive to Kalamath Falls and then take the train to Portland. Just to break things up a bit--it worked out really well although I'm sorry I missed following up on the food in KF.

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