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Oct 6, 2006 12:05 AM

I LOVE THIS BOARD - no responses necessary


I'm new on this board and I just want to say thanks to everyone! The posts are thoughtful, intelligent and general. Even though I'm a chef myself, I've never been big on hip restaurants or celebrity chefs. I prefer local dives, especially ethnic food, family owned, etc. The food is always better and cheaper, and the service is almost always better. Thanks to everyone for turning me on to so many spots that I can't wait to try. I feel smarter already. You guys rock!

  1. Ditto! This site has been an amazing resource for GREAT "eats."

    1. I completely agree. This board was a revelation when I first arrived in town. It's been so helpful in finding those hidden gems.

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      1. re: BearCity

        But we have been in town for more than 30 years (!!) and I never knew the Chow parts of this city until I logged onto Chowhound only a few years ago!

      2. this board kicks the shit out of the Manhattan board...

        1. Folks, a big attaboy / attagirl to all of you for making this community great!

          We're leaving this thread up, but locking it now so we get back to our mission: finding great chow in the L.A. region.