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Oct 6, 2006 12:04 AM

Moderate but fabulous restaurant near Bush & Stockton - SF

We're meeting some friends who will be staying near Bush & Stockton. Alas, Plouf will be closed which was my first choice. I'm looking for any suggestions for any cuisines or ethnic dining that would be moderately priced in walking distance on a Sunday evening.

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  1. Cafe de la Presse is open on Sundays for dinner. I haven't tried them since the acquisition by Aqua, but entrees are are in the vicinity of $20.

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    1. re: Gary Soup

      The menu looks very appealing and very French bistro. Do you have any feedback on this from others? Is the ambiance pleasant?

      Appreciate any additional suggestions...

    2. Hi there. Since you're so close to the Union Sq. area try a search under "union square". There were several recent queries for the area.

      I'd say try Farmer Brown. Not too much of a walk (maybe 8 blocks) and it's a cool new spot with creative drinks and chow. Fair prices, good soul music...though it's a loud space so it depends on your group whether or not it would be appropriate.

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        1. I noticed on Opentable other restaurants such as Cafe Claude and First Crush. Does anybody have any comments based on their experiences at this restaurant.

          I'm waiting to get a menu from B44 faxed... Any comments on that restaurant?

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          1. re: Oceanlover

            If you use the search you'll find lots of reports on B44, Cafe Claude, and First Crush (mostly negative).

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              B44 is fun and the fun is good. Cafe Claude is a nice little French spot with good food and service. I would stay away from First Crush.

            2. I downright hated the food at First Crush, and I thought the wine was of poor quality. I will never return.