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Oct 5, 2006 11:39 PM

Totally bummed...I wanted to go to Mastro's Costa Mesa but...

someone bought out the WHOLE RESTAURANT for that evening!!

Now what?
I'm bereft. I was really, really looking forward to it.

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  1. mmm steak does sound great...only other thing i can think of in the area is Sushi Shibucho, yeah i know, its not steak.

    Sorry and i hope you find something good tonight!

    1. Drive a little farther, and go to Mastro's in the Crystal Cove area. It's in an upscale shopping plaza on PCH.

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      1. re: CynD

        I thought about that, but didn't know if I wanted that whole vibe there. I've read it's more of a 'scene', and that doesn't appeal to me especially. The thought of Ruth Chris isn't appealing either.

        1. re: hbgrrl

          Depends what room you are in. Avoid the main bar and the dining experience can be similar.

          1. re: hbgrrl

            Mastro's in Crystal Cove is worth it. We avoided the bar scene, and it was still incredible. I guess you can also do Fleming's in Newport Beach?

            1. re: hbgrrl

              This is a little late, but the Mastro's Costa Mesa is even more of a scene that the Mastro's Ocean Club. Hard to believe, but true! I actually prefer the Ocean Club-the restaurant has more of a classy vibe and the view is beautiful.

          2. bought out the whole restaurant ? one person did this ? damn...wonder what the heck that cost ?

            1. Antonellos or, dare I say it, Mortons...

              1. I think it was bought out for an after party for Sheryl Crow. A couple of friends of mine went. They said the food was fantastic, and that the gift was a $100 gift certificate to Saks.