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Oct 5, 2006 11:36 PM

Looking for something new near 5th and Fig in downtown

I have worked in the area for several years and am sick of all the usual places for lunch. I work in the building above Ciudad. I'm looking for new lunch places nearby (no more than 10 minutes walking or Dash). Thanks.

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  1. It would probably help us respond better to you if we knew what your usual places are.

    1. prezzo, kookooroo, yorkshire grill, wolfgang puck's, cpk, ciudad, loose leaf, chinese in bonaventure

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Mendocino Farms at cal plaza, good sandwiches. There's also a prepackaged sushi place at cal plaza that I hear is pretty good, never tried that myself.

          Is Uncle Moustache still in the Bonaventure? Really good mediterranean when i used to eat there.

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            agree, mendocino farms is great.

            stay away from that sushi place, though.

            KOREAN BBQ PLUS in the bonaventure is pretty good for quick and casual. my korean friends find it agreeable.

            ROY's, fig & 8th

            PENTALINO in wells fargo building

            NICK & STEFs

            DASH to little tokyo

            BLOOM on main, but not the best area

            heard a rumor that michael mina is opening a restaurant or two at cal plaza.

          2. If you walk or DASH to Main Street you'll find some more restaurants: on Main & 2nd there is Pitfire Pizza; Main & 4th there is both Pete's and Blossom; and on 6th just east of Main there is Cole's PE Buffet (which most people say has much better French Dips than Philippe's).

            Just south of 8th on Spring there is Cafe Angelique.

            There is a new wine bar on Spring just south of 6th but I don't know if it's good or if it's open for lunch.

            The Water Grill is on Grand & 5th.

            Engine Co. No 28 is on Figueroa and 7th.

            Clifton's Cafeteria is on Broadway just south of 6th.

            Seoul Jung is in the Wilshire Grand on Wilshire at Figueroa.

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