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Oct 5, 2006 10:36 PM

Best restaurant for window-side viewing of Fleet Week?

We've been having great fun watching the Blue Angels et al soaring over the city this morning, practicing for the weekend festivities.

I would love to find a great restaurant where I could ensonce myself for a few hours of noshing and drinking to take it all in.

I honestly don't even care that much about the food as long as there is a decent bar and/or wine list. Immediately in mind is Kuleto's at the Embarcadero but am not familiar with any of the establishments on Pier 39 -- would any of those have a great vantage point?

Thanks for the suggestion!

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  1. Medjool in the mission has a great roof deck. I saw them there last year, very cool!

    1. Did you have a view of either of the bridges? Two years ago, they flew UNDER the Golden Gate and as this is an anniversary year, it might happen again.

      Checked out their website and am sorry their rooftop isn't open on Fridays -- would have been nice to watch the test runs tomorrow...

      I gotta say the menu looks intriguing though! Maybe a reason to head to the Mission!

      1. I food is not your primary motive, I'd suggest someplace at Fisherman's Wharf, and outside if you want to see both the low manoeuvers over the water and the high-up antics. It's suppose to warm up and may be quite balmy.

        You could dawdle over a sundae at Ghirardelli Square, or try one of the upstairs places at the Cannery or Ghirardelli with balcony seating facing north, if such still exists.

        1. Ideal spot for viewing, but with no food, are the upper floors of any of the fidi towers. At 1 Post, it seemed they were flying an obstacle course between the buildings. When they "strafed" the old Embarcadero farmers' market, I thought that I had an idea how North Vietnamese peasants might have felt.

          1. Snag an invitation to the St. Francis Yacht Club.