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Oct 5, 2006 10:21 PM

Bangalore Recs

Will be spending a week in Bangalore, staying at the Taj Residency. Interested in trying as much local flavor as possible. Don't mind spending good money, but also enjoy trying family run places as well.

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  1. You ABSOLUTELY should visit Marvalli Tiffin House! The absolute best meal I ever had! 75 rupees (2 years ago) for about 20 different side dishes including about 4 desserts. This place is not easy to find. You should either try to find directions before you go or ask at your hotel. Not to be missed!

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      Thanks for the tip, I will definitley give it a try!

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        Mavalli Tiffin Room was an incredible recommendation. I went there tonight and could not believe the quality, quantity and exceptional value. I ate so much good food, that I walked all the way back to the Taj Residency from the restaraunt, just so I could walk off how full I was. All that great food for a little under $2 (80 Rupees). AWESOME! I am here for another week + and you can be sure I will be going back more then once. Also I saw Adigas, which is a much shorter walk and will be trying that soon as well.

        Thanks again for the great recommendation

      2. MTR for sure
        more quick eats/Tiffin Places near you:
        Adiga’s (corner of Dickenson and Ulsoor Rd, near Manipal Center)
        Indian Coffee House/ Coffee Workers Co-op (on MG Rd)
        Airlines Hotel for outdoor tiffin (off of St Marks Rd)

        other local favorites
        Coconut Grove- Kerala cuisine (on church st)
        Ebony (Barton Center on MG Road)
        Koshy’s (more of a breakfast/lunch place on St Mark's Road)

        A lot of the higher end restaurants are some type of fusion (while they may label themselves as Italian, Thai, etc... they have a distinctly Indian flare). May not be “traditional” south Indian, but definitely some great food.
        I.Italia is right next to you at the Park Hotel. Appetizers and drinks outside of the I-Bar (by the pool) is another option. Bangalore is known for its pub/lounge scene. Pecos is an old classic, but there is also Blue Bar (at the Taj West end, next to a Vietnamese restaurant, Blue Ginger) or the 13th Floor across from Ebony. and many more....
        haven’t been, but have heard good things about Olive.
        All of the restaurants at the 5 star hotels are quite expensive compared to others, but also good (any taj, leela, oberoi, sheraton,etc).

        You may need reservations even on weeknights – so call ahead if you are going out for a nice dinner.

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          Thanks for all of the great recommendations. I will report back on where I tried.

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            Second report from Bangalore. I tried and really like the India Coffee House. Beyonjd the cheap food and coffee (today I had a cucumber sandwich and a cup of coffee for 20 Rupees, less then 50 cents) the social atmosphere is great. The first time I visited I had a great conversation with an elderly gentleman. Everyone that goes to Bangalore should check this place out. I am going back to MTR tonight!

          2. I liked Cocnut Grove very much. Very nice clam/mussel curry.

            The Chinese restaurant at the top of Oberoi is oustanding (try the duck - crispy and smoky).

            Nagarjuna Savoy: Imagine an Indian Bistro. Really fun and a great waitstaff. By the end of my last stay, I would hand the menu back and just ask for his advice. A lot of fun.


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              I actually went to Coconut Grove last night instead of MTR and enjoyed it as well. I had a tomato based soup that was awesome and gave me the idea of making Campbells soup at home, but instead of milk, using coconut milk instead!

              Billy Bob