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Oct 5, 2006 09:54 PM

Vietnemese with my folks

My parents are in town and I want to take them out for some real good Vietnemese food tomorrow somewhere within SF. I've been to Bodega Bistro and thought it was good, not great. Also been to PPQ which was pretty good. I've also been to Slanted Door which was great, but don't really want to go out for upscale Viet.

Maybe Pagolac? Not sure. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. i've always had great meals at pagolac, but do be warned that if your family is large, it could be a squeeze. a 6 person party will still be sat at a 4-person table. it's a bit snug.

    the chicken clay pot, grilled shrimp wraps, and 7 ways of beef are consistent winners. service is enthusiastic and friendly.

    1. My favorite place is La Vie on Geary and 22nd/23rd. I've always had great meals there. It's not fancy, but no dive either. The beef cooked table side with the lettuce wraps is divine.

      1. I took my parents to Dragonfly (Judah near 9th) and they were very impressed. Everything we tried was very good, but the shaking Beef and Garlic Crab were a bit pricey.