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Oct 5, 2006 09:50 PM

Unpasteurized apple cider in area?

OK, I thought I had written down last year which local orchards to me sells unpasteurized apple cider, but I can't put my hand on the list/document. I know about Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury, as I used to work in Newburyport. That doesn't work for me anymore (unless I'm visiting my Mom in Newbury), since I now work in Andover. Any in that area?

I live in the Woburn/Burlington area, so I can go up Route 3 or out Route 2 West if anyone's got some nearby recommendations.


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  1. In past years I've gotten very good unpasteurized cider at One Stack Farm in Stow -- not so much a farm STAND as a shack with a fridge full of cider and an old guy selling it, but the cider was fantastic. There's another farm stand, a bit more established-looking, right across the street on Rt. 117 -- I forget the name but their cider was quite good as well, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't pasteurized.

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      Hmmm, you really liked One Stack? I like the guy and the apples and the setup, but the cider is filtered and tastes like pale apple juice to me. But then, I only like Grade B maple syrup so maybe I miss the nuances.

      Honey Pot Hill about a mile away down Rte 62 off Rte 117, also has unpasteurized cider (but they are a madhouse mob scene on the weekends, beware).

      Derby is the orchard/stand across from One Stack that you're thinking of -- really nice selection of apples, too, including Roxbury Russets!

      Lastly you might also check Shelburne Farm, and Carver Hill orchard, also in Stow. The town is loaded with good apples and cider!

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        Derby, that's it, thank you! When I compared the two ciders side by side, I did notice that One Stack's was a lot paler than Derby's, and I was expecting a paler flavor as well, but I was surprised by it. I thought it was actually more intensely apple-y than almost any other cider I'd had. Maybe the filtering takes away some of that classic rich cider taste, focusing on just the apple flavor? It definitely was different from most cider I've tried, but I really liked it.

        Oh, on a separate track, I haven't had it yet this year, but for city-dwellers, Noquochoke Orchards brings their usually excellent cider to several farmer's markets in the area. It's pasteurized using some weird space-age technique (ultrasonic? infrared?? Not sure.) but it's still pretty good, at least better than the stuff that is heat-pasteurized.

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          Although I haven't gotten there this season, Derby has always been my favorite unpasteurized cider. I've tried a couple of new (to me) ciders this year, from Lookout Farm (pasteurized and chemical-y) and Phil's (unpasteurized, but not very sweet nor rich). Needless to say, Derby's is superior. Has anyone been this year and can confirm it's the same as always?

    2. This is an annual quest for me as well: pasteurized cider is too damned close to apple juice. I've concluded that the best places to reliably find it are the retail outlets at the orchards themselves.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        You can only it buy it at an orchard; the FDA made that silly rule up a few years ago. The ruination of much otherwise fine cider.

      2. Amesbury will still be closer to you than Stow or Harvard. I live in Melrose - it takes me the same amount of time to go to Verrill Farm in Concord as it does to Amesbury.

        I approach Cider Hill farm from either the first exit on 95 north of the Merrimack River or the first exit in NH: it works easily either way.

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          I was thinking the same thing, Karl, realizing that Cider Hill will probably be the best, unless Chris VR's suggestion of Smolak Farms comes through with unpasteurized.

          Thanks for all of the suggestions!

        2. I've gotten it this year at Russell Orchards and from Cider Hill through my CSA. All the cider I saw at Brooksby Farm, where I used to go for it, was pasteurized.

          Smolak Farms in North Andover is probably closest to your work but I'd call them first

          1. Fay's Farm on Amesbury Line Road, between rt. 110 (at the Haverhill/Merrimac line and Whittier Tech) and rt. 113 in W. Newbury, up the hill from the Rocks Village Bridge, has very good unpasteurized cider for $4.50 a gallon. She's only open on weekends, but might be open Columbus Day. I've picked apples and bought cider there this year - both were excellent. So I'm going back to see if the Northern Spys are ready!