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Royal Claytons Downtown

Has anyone been to the Royal Claytons downtown yet?? This place is awesome. Great design, cool bar, really good food. It even has a pool table and flat screens on one side that have sports on. Their wine and beer selection are totally inventive and interesting. The owner Brian is always there to make recs and small talk and he is hilarious! I can't think of enough excuses to head down there. Go check it out and order up the filet, it's a great deal and quite delicious!

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  1. Sounds good. Where is it located?

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      1855 Industrial St
      Los Angeles, CA 90021
      (213) 622-0512

    2. I checked it out for lunch today. Good food. Good service but, with a few errors. All in all, a nice addition to the hood and a nice close by getaway for those in downtown proper.

      1. i went last weekend, early on sunday evening. it was slow, i think due to the hour. the mussel appetizer was outstanding, and the hangar steak was quite good. i loved the atmosphere, and the service was very friendly. the chef came out to check on us a couple of times, and the manager actually suggested a wine that was less expensive than what i had planned to order because he felt it was better.

        will definitely be going back.

        1. was here yesterday for a few beers while downtown. 1st, they didnt have any cold Corona. How can you not have cold bottled beer. 2nd, the service was pretty terrible. We were one of two tables in the place and it took WAY TOO LONG to get served and then get our beers when we ordered them. The staff was just standing around talking to each other...I guess that is what you get when you have out of work actors serving you

          1. So....my girlfriend lives in the Toy Loft building so I have been spending a lot of meals at Royal Claytons. Last night was the final time I step foot in the place.

            Was there a week ago and we had a server who was a compltete flake.

            1st, we ordered a beer which came corked and specified on the lable which type of beer glass was to be used (a goblet, not a pint glass). Not only did she bring us a pint glass, but refused to uncork the beer. We ordered a pizza and a burger. When the pizza came, she set it down and walked away. She came back a minuate later and told us that it was for another table and that she needed to take it to that table. My girlfriend, who used to be a server at many of the Patina resturants, told her that she had licked her finger and touched some of the pizza (you arent supposed to serve food to a table which has been 1st given to someone else....)

            We then asked for some balsamic vinegar. They brought us some which was rotten (had what appeared to be coagulated fat globules in it). It took us a while to finally get another bottle on vinegar.

            Was there last night for a drink by myself. There were very few customers, so I thought that I would have decent service. Sat down at the bar and it took 10 minuates to get serverd (even though there were 4 bar tenders / servers just standing around). I finished my $9 Chimay (even though this wasnt my 1st choice; they were out of 3 other beers that I wanted to try). It took me another 20 minutates to be asked if I wanted another beer, even though there were still 4 bartenders / servers standing around, including one who was on his cel phone behind the bar.

            Anyways, like I said, I am never stepping foot in here again. For the $$$, the service is HORRID. As soon and 'Church + State' opens across the street, this place will have to close its doors; no resturant can survive with service as bad as theirs. I spoke to the manager about the bad service last week, and will let him know about last nights experince, but I really should have to tell him every time I eat at his resturant how bad things are

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              Hey eberhard49,
              Head a bit north and go to YORK Gastropub on York and I think ave 52...great beer selection and the proper glasses for each one and really good prices and there is parking in the lot behind the bar..can't beat that...the food is great and the service is relaxed but friendly...get really busy on friday/sat.

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                Have you checked out the Library Bar (Hope btwn 6th/7th); beautiful room, great bartenders and really nice selection of bottled Belgian Ales and bottled/draught American micro-brews. No food, but you can phone in your order (M-F up 'til 9PM) to Wolfgang Puck's Gourmet Express next door and it will be delivered to you at the bar or in the lounge area.


                Library Bar
                630 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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                  I like Library Bar, too. It's not as out-there as, say, Seven Grand, although their non-happy hour prices are a bit high. Still, it's a nice room, themed but not too themed, and very comfortable. It's good for when you don't want to fight to kids at the Standard (which is starting to look really beat-up), but you don't want to slip on your respirator at the Biltmore, either. Their happy hour has decent prices; just don't go on Fridays, when it's packed. Some of the Downtown offices reserve the couches in front of the fireplace area, too, so space can get cramped really quickly.

              2. Where will Church and State be located? In the NABISCO building?

                1. Well, Church and State is owned by Steven Arroyo from Cobras & Matadors, Malo, etc., so take from that what you will.

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                    we (tumbleweed and I) are going to Cobra and Matadors tonight, so we will know what to soon expect in the 'hood

                  2. this place has absolutely nosedived in just a few months. the service has always been iffy but i didn't really mind -- the food was good and the vibe was really cool. the new chef, however, has really messed it up -- the new menu is a hodgepodge of bizarrely traditional english/welsh pub fare that couldn't fit less with the crowd or the place's general vibe. it maybe could work if they were good but unfortunately ours were really quite terrible except for the cod soup. it's a shame -- they had so many good options on their old menu but our waiter explained the new chef really wants to take ownership of the place and so tossed off all the previous chef’s recipes, except for some of the bar snacks. bad choice. this was a neighborhod gem and i loved taking people there but if i go again it will be for drinks only. unfortunately i can see other people feel the same way -- friday night a few months ago i was happy to wait an hour for a table and play some pool; this last friday night, there were 2 other groups at 8:30pm.

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                          Have you heard anything or are you speculating???? If not soon, this place will have to shut its doors when Church + State moves across the street

                    2. So I know that I am always posting about how much this place sucks, but I had another friend go here and he and his girlfriend had horrific service. Once again the wait staff was rude, didnt have half of the food on the menu on stock, and what they did have either came out wrong, cold, or just plain discusting.

                      As a resident of the Toy Loft building, I

                      A- hope that the owners of Royal Claytons are reading this and realize that they are operating a terrible resturant and do something about it

                      B - hope that someone looking to open a resturant in this area is reading this and sees that there is a need for good food in the area (as well as a potential location for their resturant)

                      Anyways, enough of my ranting.

                      DONT GO HERE

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                        To eberhard49 and all - please note your wishes may be in the works:

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                          is it still under the same management??? Unless they fire their whole staff (all of whom are EXTREMELY rude and terrible servers), this place will still be a terrible dining experience. It isnt the food...

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                            Same ownership, not sure about staffing issues.

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                            nooo i was just victimized by the pub a few weeks ago...management is of course to blame for the many service woes, but equally at fault for ruining RC is the new chef who dropped the very appealing, well prepared old menu for this pub crap. and that's coming from someone who loves a good pot roast and shepherd's pie...but have either at RC and you'll see that this kitchen should not be attempting these. companions' dishes were equally gross. hopefully the old chef left for greener pastures because if they fired him for the pub cook, well that was just dumb.

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                              this place will have to close it doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!