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Oct 5, 2006 09:39 PM

Anybody been to Thaitalia in Pasadena?

We're taking a cousin of Mrs. O's, a freshman at Occidental, out to dinner for her 18th birthday, and as she expressed an interest in Italian and/or Thai food Thaitalia seemed to be the logical choice. All the published notices we've seen are pretty positive, but I'd like to hear from any 'Hounds who may have ventured there. We are going on Saturday night - of course we expect it to be a zoo, since apparently they don't take reservations.

And thanks in advance...

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  1. It's a gimmick, of course. Not serious, not at all. But if you order carefully, avoiding anything that seems like a dish you[ve actually had before, you'll do all right. The Thai-inflected Italian food, basil-chicken pizzas and such, tends to be much better than the Italian-inflected Thai food.

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      That would have been my guess; Italian dishes seem to be structurally more flexible that Thai dishes, if you give the matter some thought.

      Both the LA Times reviewer and Mr. Gold seemed to think the food was pretty good for the money - what was your take on that?