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Oct 5, 2006 09:24 PM

Bio Lacto/Deep Root fermented vegetables

The Deep Root sauerkraut is fantastic, but I can't figure out where to buy it around Philadelphia. Does anyone know where to get their products? I want to try most of them--naturally fermented, interestingly spiced vegetables (i.e., pickles, but think pickles on a whole other plane, pickles elevated). I've tried their website, made phone calls, begged my food co-op (where the favorite word is "no"), but I seem to be getting nowhere. The whole Deep Root/Bio Lacto operation is charmingly amateur, and also totally frustrating. So if someone knows something, I would be grateful.

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't help you. But I, too, am always on the lookout for excellent naturally fermented sauerkraut (ingredients: cabbage, salt) and would appreciate any recommendations or sources.

    1. Is that the stuff that comes in a bag? I used to find it at Essene Market back in the day.
      Wills Valley Farm in Kutztown makes yummy raw/naturally fermented kraut and kimchee. They're at the Phoenixville farmers market on Saturdays and you can also order from them online (specify that you want it raw, though). could make your own. It's so easy. A great book for instructions/ideas, etc. is Wild Fermentation.

      1. Thank you for the replies. I called Essene and they do carry those products. Long live Chowhound and kind responders.

        1. Do they have it at the Fair Food Farmstand in RTM? I'm not familiar with the brand you're talkinb about but I remember they have a couple of brands of organic, super natural sauerkrauts in the cooler there.

          1. hi myra!
            this is some years ago, so hopefully you've found it, but if not.. i can help you! i'm in Canada and I've met the owner personally.. you can email me and I'll get you in touch with him: bistdubeimir at gmail dot com cheers! annad