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Oct 5, 2006 09:12 PM

Niagara Region

We are "treated" to dinner in the Niagara Region this weekend by some visiting relatives. I would like a suggestion for a good meal, not to esoteric that will not be seen to break the bank.

Suggestions would be appreciated

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  1. I keep hearing good things about Stone Road Grille, which is more affordable than most and sounds yummy (cotton candy for dessert!) but you have to reserve well in advance as I've never been able to get a day-before reservation.

    1. Stone Road Grill is the most reliably good. Zee's seems inconsistent, but we had a very good meal there. Niagara Culinary Institute Dining Rm in St Catherines was very good also. Search for some recent detailed threads on this area.

      1. The Olde Angel Inn. Niagara On The Lake.

        It's a great old pub with british fare. We love it.


        1. Hi,
          Forget Nig.Culinary bunch of amateurs.
          Try Epicurian in NotL. or the River Side Inn.

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            Agree about Epicurion. As to the other, do you mean the Riverbend Inn (which is also good)?

            My experience at the Institute was anything but amateur. I've sent others there and they all agreed it was VERY good. But I confess I had some suspicions. We ate there on a summer Saturday evening. Our very professional server admitted he was a graduate of the program. When I asked whether our dinner (not perfect, but way better than the norm) had been cooked by students, his answer was a bit evasive ("there's just one chef in the kitchen"). How many chefs are usually in a kitchen?? So I don't know what would happen when the college program is in full swing.

          2. The original comment has been removed