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Oct 5, 2006 08:30 PM

What's Best At Porto's?

Both locations in Glendale and Burbank are always packed. Any clues about what is the best item to try there for a first-timer?

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  1. The line at Burbank moves pretty quickly. The MediaNoche sandwich, the potato balls, and the guava/cheese strudel are all wonderful.

    1. i second the guava strudel =)

      1. The Burbank location moves fairly fast because it has 2 lines. One for stuff off the menu (and limited display case items) and the other one for menu/full pastry case.Don't get in the full service line if you just want some sandwiches or a few potato balls. (They also have a third, cake-only line.)

        I think their sandwiches are not that great, with the exception of the Cuban steak sandwich and the potato ball sandwich. IMO, the pork for their sandwiches is too dry and not flavorful.

        I would start with the potato balls (or potato ball sandwich, though you can make a whole meal out of several potato balls), but I'd probably also throw in a slice of their mango mousse cheesecake.

        1. I like:

          Roasted Pork Sandwich
          Potato balls
          Cream Cheese Roll
          Fruit Tart

          also - be careful about the lines. There's one line to order food, yet another ot order from the bakery. You cannot order lunch items from the bakery line.

          1. What is best at Porto's? To see your enemies driven before you! To hear the lamentations of their women!

            Oh yeah, and those guava/cream cheese pastries. And I like the potato balls and ham croquets. The cuban sandwich is pretty good, but not as good as the one at La Conchinita.

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                Nice Conan the Barbarian referance.