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Best Cajun/Creole???

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Does anyone have any opinions about where the best Cajun is in the LA area?

Here's a few I've heard about but the drive to Marina Del Ray and Hermosa Beach is long and I want it to be worth the gas$$$.

Uncle Darrow's

Ragin Cajun

New Orleans Cafe

I've been to Harold & Belle's and it was very good. I've heard about House Of Blues too. Any clues about some great out of the way non-chains?

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  1. I LOVED the Creole Chef in the Baldwin Hills Mall... Really excellent food! :)


    1. Uncle Darrow's is excellent! I love the gumbo jabalaya there. They give samples if you want a little taste before committing. Also, get on their email list to learn about their crawfish boils. Fun!

      1. So there aren't any other recommendations for Cajun in LA? How about the SFValley or Orange County? Ventura County?

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          In OC, there are a couple of Vietnamese Run Creole Style Crawfish Boil places that recently recieved raves.

          Also, in LB there is a "New Orleans" cafe that opened up last year supposedly run by the Katrina Survivor... I haven't tried either...


        2. I think The Creole Chef is the best Cajun/Creole in LA -- better than Harold & Belle's (second best, in my opinion), Uncle Darrow's, Gumbo Pot and Rajin' Cajun. I've never eaten at New Orleans Cafe.

          I live in Marina Del Rey and I would rather drive to The Creole Chef
          thank walk to Uncle Darrow's.

          The Creole Chef
          3715 Santa Rosalia
          Los Angeles
          (323) 294-2433




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            I'm curious about Stevie's Creole Cafe in Encino (convenient to my neighborhood). Has anyone tried? How does it compare to the others mentioned?

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              The catfish was excellent, but I found the place REALLY expensive and the wait really long. I can't explain it, but there was a weird "sold out" vibe.

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                The food is very good, but unless you just order appetizers, you can only get huge portions at high prices. It's like Buca di Beppo's strategy - everybody either takes food home or wastes it.

                The best way to dine at Stevie's is for a party of two to order two appetizers and a dinner - that way the portions end up about right.

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                  stevies used to be good. lately really bland for some reason. service horrible. great desserts and cornbread. oxtails good. just bland

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                  The Gumbo Pot shouldn't even be considered in this discussion. Saying The Gumbo Pot is good Louisiana cooking is like saying The Olive Garden serves great Italian food. Their food often has no resemblance to the real deal.

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                    I haven't been to the Gumbo Pot in several months and I hope that it has not declined during that period, since the origianl owner Charles sold it to his cook Clinton. I have been there mamy times since they opened years ago and had some very good although not always traditional chow. Beignets are usually ok with the bottomless cup of Cafe au Lait made with a French Roast/Chicory blend. The Jambalaya is 'wetter' than what I was served in SW LA (Cajun Country) but spicy and tasty. It was even better before they changed andouille brands to a lower priced product but it's still good. The Seafood Salad has always been fresh and good and I've enjoyed the Po-Boys on occasion! The Corn Muffins are pretty good as is the Creole Mustard Potato Salad. And they offered Barq's Root Beer before it was available on the W. Coast!

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                      I am afraid to report that it is a mere shadow of its former self...the beignets have been tough and doughy...the once excellent overstuffed oyster po-boys have been just plain sad (my last po-boy here had only two oysters!!)...the muffelatas short of meat and olive salad...and as reported by sel, the gumbos and jambalaya lack the "good" andouille and good flavor!!

                      Charles Meyer ran a tight ship at all of his restaurants (Ritz, Gumbo Pot, Kokomo) and they all have suffered in consistancy and quality since he departed...Fortunately you can still get excellent "Charles Meyer" cuisine in San Luis Obispo at his restaurant Big Sky...with excellent beignets and wonderful andouille.

                      To this former New Orleans resident, the flavor of the cuisine at Ragin Cajun is the closest to Cajun Lousiana you will find in the Los Angeles area (it is not always perfect, but usually very satisfying...the owner is always there and he is from Lafayette LA!!

                3. I'm going to try Creole Chef ASAP. Any rec's for particularly outstanding dishes?

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                    We REALLY loved the Shrimp Yvonne and The Po'Boys (they blow Uncle Darrows and the Gumbo Pot's out of the WATER!!)... Ours is the first link above with pictures... :)


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                      the crawfish bisque is excellent as are the hush puppies!

                      1. I think a few of these places were mentioned in Oct. 2006 issue of LA Magazine (they ran a feature of notable restaurants in several ethnic cuisines, one of them Creole) -- worth checking out if they didn't already swap out for November issues.

                        1. I happened to like Mardi Gras, Toluca Lake.
                          Although I haven't been there for a year or so now.

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                            Mardis Gras is no longer there in Toluca Lake. The only SFValley Cajun places I know of is Stevie's in Encino and Le Sister's in Chatsworth.

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                              So I just found out the that people who owned Mardi Gras also own Michael's bar and Grill on Olive Street in Burbank. They currently are serving the Mardi Gras Menu at Michael's. Probably is going to be a bad rendition of the menu.

                              I've been to Stevie's. And it didn't leave a lasting impression on me. The wait was ridiculous. The portions were huge, and the band made so you couldn't have a conversation (we went on a Sat. night). I had the short ribs with gravy over rice with mac and cheese and fries. My boyfriend fried Chicken with sweet potatoes and creamed spinach. WE shared a huge biscuit.

                              The food was okay. NOt great.

                          2. Bayou Grille. I like their gumbo better than Harold & Belle's.

                            1400 N. La Brea
                            (corner of 64th Place and La Brea)

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                              The Boiling Crab. OMGWTFBBQ! Awesome.


                              I'm sorry, Uncle Darrows blows!!

                            2. New Orleans restaurant in Hermosa Beach has awesome seafood gumbo!!!

                              New Orleans Cajun Cafe
                              140 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

                              1. I found Uncle Darrow's to be decent, but I'll go to the Ragin Cajun every time, and not just because it's closer to me. I've had this cuisine in Western Louisiana and flown home to eat at the RC the next day, and the flavors were spot-on. Always ask about daily specials - they sometimes forget to tell people about them, but I've had great stuff that wasn't on the menu. The etoufee is the best I've had in LA at any price.