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24th Street/Mission rec for tonight....maybe Roosevelt Tamale Parlor?

Some fellow chowhounds from out-of-town are visiting San Francisco, and I'm meeting them this evening at 24th Street and Mission...we're going to walk east along 24th St. toward my house (I live near the General Hospital), the idea being to show them my neighborhood, both chow-wise and otherwise, my house, etc. So we will definitely be in this neighborhood.

I'd like to pick a good spot for dinner, and I'm thinking about Roosevelt Tamale Parlor...I haven't eaten there yet. Any opinions on this choice? Number one priority is good food (so taquerias like Taqueria San Francisco or others are not out of the question) but I was thinking something a bit different might be better. I'd really prefer to stay east of Mission Street and between 18th and 25th, and somewhere that is representative of the neighborhood. Thanks in advance,

Dave MP

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  1. I think tacos al pastor or chorizo at Taqueria San Jose give more of the flavor of the neighborhood. But if they won't eat pork, go somewhere else.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I think they do eat pork...I definitely do...thanks for the suggestion. I am starting to think Roosevelt Tamale Parlor isn't that great a plan. If I don't go to Taqueria San Jose tonight, I'll definitely try the tacos al pastor there soon.
      Dave MP

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        second the rec for Taqueria San Jose. we almost went last nigth but got sidetracked by Haystack Pizza instead. Now i am wishing i had stuck to the plan. (not that the pizza was bad, mind you, it was actually really good, but it wasn't pork...)
        Maybe we'll see you there tonight...

        1. re: jupiter

          Yep, it sounds like you might. I think we'll probably head there (though we might go to other places too). Depends on what they are in the mood for though. Chau

          Dave MP

      2. La Taqueria at 25th & Mission for carnitas tacos.

        1. Have a sundae or a malt for dessert at St. Francis Fountain (I think they close at 9, though).

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            La Copa Loca is open later and has better stuff.

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              I am not huge on Mitchell's (but others are) so I can't comment on St. Francis' offerings but Copa Loca is not particularly great either. The flavors I thought he would excel at (zuppa inglese, malaga, even the trite tiramisu, for example) were abysmal. Once in awhile the fruit offerings are good but even the same flavor can vary greatly from batch to batch. That's ok since he uses fresh fruit but there is just no consistency here.

              1. re: chaddict

                Just want to offer a different opinion on Copa Loca. I do tend towards the fruit flavors, but I'm always happy with the selection. My favorite combo is yogurt and blood orange. I have on occasion tasted a fruit flavor that is less than an explosion in my mouth; but thats the thing just a taste, they let you have as many as you like. And i find the temperature and consistency to be prime here. I spent 6 mos in italy geloting daily if not twice, so i have some context. For me the perfect date is the walk to El Metate and then on to Copa Loca; this happens at least twice a month. Does this make me a cheap date?

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                  I have a question about El Metate, but since talking about it here would be a third change in topic, I started a new post. Here's the link:


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                    um, I lived in Italy for 2 years so I have some context, too. Like I said, the fruit flavors can be good. My problem is with the more Italian flavors. I sort of expected them to be good because, well, he has more context than either of us and I would hope that someone that grew up with these flavors and fancies himself to be a maker of gelato would do a better job.

                    And gosh, no! That most certainly does not make you a cheap date. Sounds better than 95% of the dates I have been on recently.

                    1. re: chaddict

                      The gianduia and whatever else I tasted reminded me of an average gelateria in Rome (where I lived for three years), but if the quality is erratic, oh well.

                      1. re: chaddict

                        Yeah, I've never been much of a fan either. I keep giving them tries, but am never wowed. Maybe this is a case where authentic is not a good thing. I think it is nice that neighborhood has a place selling gelato, but it's not worth a special trip, IMO ... or trying to find parking if in the area.

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                      I've tried almost all of Copa Loca's offerings and didn't think they were interesting at all. For me, the offerings of a gelateria and a soda fountain don't even occupy the same dessert-craving space in my brain.

                  2. re: Atomica

                    A "MALT DESSERT"! now that got my tastebuds in a whirl!

                    Could you define this a little better?

                    1. re: ChowFun_derek

                      I think Atomica means a 'chocolate malted' (a milkshake, or frappe as we say in Massachusetts). I had one at St. Francis Fountain last month and it was very good.

                      Dave MP

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                        I've always called it a "malt" (versus a "shake") but Dave is right. It's probably called different names in different parts of the country. Will it be super confusing if I say that they make great "sodas?"

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                          Oops, what I meant to say was that a malted (or malt, I switch between these two terms) is a type of shake (at St. Francis fountain, it's literally a shake with malt powder blended in too).

                          1. re: Dave MP

                            Does it mean something different anywhere else?

                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              Not that I know of, I just thought it might have been confusing. In my post I made it sound like malts are called shakes in Massachusetts. But malts are called malts. They are a type of shake. Hehe. This is making me want one right now....hmmm

                              Dave MP

                    2. Having been a soda jerk some 37 years ago, I seem to remember that a malt is the same as a shake except it has malted milk powder added to it. It's a blend of wheat flour, dry milk, malted barley extract, lecithin, and salt. It's also not as thick as a shake. A "soda" is an entirely different drink with ice cream and a carbonated beverage added and blended together unlike a "float" where the carbonated beverage is just poured over the ice cream scoops. I think this is the same through out the country, but I could be wrong.