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Oct 5, 2006 06:44 PM

Cheap Eats Before Movie In Santa Monica

Howdy - Any help regarding a decent restaurant before a movie in Santa Monica tomorrow night would be appreciated. Promenade. Beer/Liquor is a plus.

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  1. Price range? Type of cuisine?

    1. Ye Old King's Head if you're in the mood for english food....

      1. Less than $30 for two? $20 is even better. We don't have big appetites, so small eats are best... Thanks!

        1. wolfgang puck's express is on the promenade.....they may have beer....they have a nice outdoor patio and you can get out of there for less than 30 for 2 people.....

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          1. re: Xericx

            Wolfgang Puck Express is also the place I often go to when I want to eat cheap and decent tasting food on the Promenade. Menu prices have gone up a little but you should be able to eat there for $10 pp. The patio is very nice and has heat lamps if it's gotten cool.

            1. re: Dommy

              I do enjoy the occasional Famima run, but looking for a place to hang out for a while before the movie and have a few drinks/bites at a reasonable price... Thanks..

              1. re: tykapfh

                Ah, then perhaps try Ye Olde Kings head. If you guys share a plate of fish and chips and a scotch egg you can make it out there relatively cheap with a pint! :)