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Oct 5, 2006 06:33 PM

Great BYOB

Im visiting from Boston this weekend and have a nice bottle of wine i would like to crack open. I hear Philly has some great BYOB's. I have already done the Morimoto, Buddakan and Striped Bass thing and would like to try something new. Any recs??

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  1. There's lots of byob discussion on this board. My favorite is Pif (French) but there are many excellent byob's here: L'Angolo, Matyson, Django, Marigold Kitchen, Mercato, Melograno...

    1. Your best bet is to search tose listed above along with Bistro 7 and Chloe. Depending where you will be located. Also, being that it is a weekend you may want to look for those who accept reservations and book asap.

      1. You probably are too late to get a reservation at some of these places. (Chloe and Mercato don't take reservations. I would skip Mercato, simply because it is so uncomfortably crowded.)

        Matyson, Django and Pif should be high on your list. Matyson and Django have more menu choices. Call today! These places have food to go with a good wine.

        If you are in the mood for Italian, then try Branzino (in center city), Tre Scalini, L'Angolo, or Melograno. Radicchio is another very good one, but doesn't take reservations. A little out of the way is one of our favorites:August. They call it Italian with a twist; basically continental. Most of these Italian restaurants are in South Philly, but they are a short car or cab ride away.

        These places are all small, and get booked quickly for weekends. Some aren't open on Sundays. Good luck!

        1. There's also Branzino and Overtures

          1. Forgot to add that Pif has free parking at the municipal lot right next to it. Not that I wouldn't recommend it highly anyway, but it sure helps on a weekend.