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Oct 5, 2006 06:20 PM

HELP! Need recommendation for Korean restaurant--not just Korean bbq

I need recommendation for a Korean restaurant around Korea town that serves a variety of things like Korean bbq, soon tofu, and the spicy squid, or kimchi fried rice that are affordable and overall tasty of course.

I wanted to try So Kong Dong cause I am a fan of soon tofu but I'm not sure if they serve the spicy squid or the korean bbq?

Thanks for your help & input!

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  1. So Kong Dong offers galbi and bulgogi, but I don't think they have spicy squid or kimchi fried rice. Bear in mind that the korean bbq offered is cooked in the back and the portions are small to medium.

    1. Maybe not the specific dishes you're asking about, but when I think of somewhere that has a balance between BBQ and kitchen dishes the first place that comes to mind is Chosun Galbee--check out this sample menu for some choices:

      (Spicy squid's not on this menu but it seems to me that we have had it there. Don't know about soon tofu but there are other hotpots for sure.)

      1. Beverly Soon Tofu, across Olympic Boulevard from Sokongdong, has BBQ and spicy squid, but I'm not sure about the kimchi fried rice.

        1. You can always go to Hodori or Nakwon both on the SW corner of Vermont and Olympic. They have extensive menus with all of the items you're asking about. Also, both are open 24 hours.