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Oct 5, 2006 05:44 PM

Birthday Dinner in OC

So its that time of year again for me and I am drawing blanks on where to go. It's been a tough couple of months at work and I really want to go somewhere fun, loud, festive (read...encourages drinking). There will be about 10 in our group.

The initial suggestions was shik do rak to grill up some meat and down lots of soju and hite. But since I want to go out afterwards, I'm thinking the bbq smell and garlic wont be working in my favor.

I also gave some thought to Oki Doki, but I go there so often it's not a "special occasion" type of place. I'll pass on Buca di Peppo b/c...well, I just dont care for it.

Any other suggestions? Open to all types of food, but as a service to my friends, I prefer somewhere that isn't expensive so most people can get out for $20-$25(drinks exluded).

Help me out...

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    1. re: JAB are on the ball. Refresh my memory, is this the yakatori/ramen place where the servers yell everytime someone comes in?

      1. re: MEalcentric

        Yup, one and the same. Except go to the Robata side, it's an izakaya whereas Hakata (the other side) is just a ramen shop.

        Rowdy as all heck. Drinks are poured. Fun is had. Eardrums are shattered.

      2. That's it. The yakitori and ramen are seperated so, you would have to choose between the 2.

        1. Honda Ya, in Tustin might work.

          1. The original comment has been removed