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Anything good in Stamford, CT?

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I am from NYC and have been transported to Stamford, CT for the work week. I miss TRUE food. Is there anywhere around that has amazing food. Atmosphere does not matter at all. Need good food. Divey places are the best, as long as the food is great. Any suggestions?

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  1. Pizza-Colony Grill, Myrtle Ave. 203-359-2184...order a hot oil pie.

    1. Try to find your way to Pat's Hubba Hubba for chili-cheese fries.
      Is Taco Loco still on Long Ridge Road, anyone?
      Galangal has good Thai...

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        where was taco loco? I haven't ever seen it, that I can remember, and I live near long ridge.

        to add to what I said below, for not divey places, egamame on atlantic street has some pretty good, higher end korean bbq. (your galangal rec reminded me). It's been a while though.

      2. Colony Grill is a must!

        1. By the way, you're more than welcome to come up to Norwalk and try some of our great food. Jeff's Cuisine for Southern, Chocopologie for (surprise!) chocolate, the Luncheria for Venezuelan arepas (and so much more)...

          1. not sure what "true" food means, but good food can and does exist outside of the 5 boroughs.

            it sounds like you aren't after a scene (good thing too, cuz you wouldn't find it anyhow) then go to antojitos chapines, on West Main for good guatemalen. Mi Terruno, on east main for pretty good colombian. Casa villa, also on east main, depending on who is behind the counter, has good tacos. Carribean Bakery, next to the midas has pretty good jerk chicken, and great goat curry. And good beef patties on coco bread too. Good fish and chips at royal guard on shippan. Great pancakes at lakeside diner on Long Ridge. There's a lot to be explored. And, good for you, it's been written up on these boards for the past 6+ years.

            Outside of Stamford, as Elizie mentioned, Norwalk has great stuff. Her rec for the arepas are spot on. Great stuff, and as good and inventive as any I've had in queens.

            Fairfield county actually has some very good food. It just isn't found in many of the more expensive places, from my experience. And, if you want to head south 10 minutes, port chester is the veritable gold mind of delicious food. but I'll leave that to another post.

            1. OLE MOLE, on high ridge rd. Cute place, but is mostly a take out place. AMAzing mexican, so may even call it tex mex.

              Also on high ridge rd, KITS THAI KITCHEN
              great little restaurant, nice setting, great food

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                ole mole is tasty. And... happens to be the only place anywhere I know of out here that offers mole negro.

                Agree also on Kit's. Nice little place. It ain't sripraphai, but its great for a neighborhood thai place.

              2. Scotty's on Stillwater Ave for OK Jamaican--I only get the fried fried sandwiches in there. In Norwalk, I like the homestyle Jamaican food at People's Choice--better than any place in Stamford.

                Luna Pizza, Summer St, for NY Style pizza slice for $2

                La Caye for Haitian, on Elm, just OK but serviceable, plentiful lunch special if you carry out

                Hope St Pizza, on Hope St, for greek diner type food

                the pickings are slim if you live NYC, I kiss the ground when I return to Manhattan...good luck

                1. Oh, yeah, it's Ole Mole...how'd I get the wrong?
                  And I second the People's Choice in Norwalk for Jamaican food.

                  1. In addition to the above, I really like the pollo ala brasa at Fiesta Restaurant on Atlantic - its Peruvian.

                    I also like casa villa for the tacos - the al pastor is particularly good as is the carnitas taco. I'm pretty sure I learned of it from a posting by Adamclyde and he's right that they are sometimes not as good as on other days but its good 90% in my experience.

                    Hey, while we're on Stamford food, what is with the "farmers' market"?! Its more like a NYC fruit cart with second grade industrial fruit and vegetables than anything close to a farm (with a couple of exceptions). Someone ought to run for Mayor of Stamford on a "put some standards in place" platform!


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                      yeah, the farmer's market is pretty pathetic. I live in stamford, but never go there... I go to the Greenwich one instead. Though, I will say, a few months ago I noticed it looked a little bigger than it used to. but that isn't saying much.

                    2. How about that Brasitas place on East Main? I drive by it every day, and it looks so festive from the outside, I've never had a chance to go there.

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                        Brasitas has excellent food, well prepared. Pricey and elegant with attentive service. A great choice for a festive evening out. It gets very crowded on a weekend night.

                      2. For lunch there is a small little place that a couple of 50+ year old Italian guys run and their red gravy is to die for. It's located two blocks behind Planet Pizza (Summer St) towards Washington on the left hand side of the street. I think its called Giovanni's Deli. Their parms, both chick and eggplant are fantastic, the pasta, great and the guys who run it are straight out of a movie. Take some mints for the afternoon as the garlic levelis pretty high.

                        Gotta go tomorrow!!!

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                          Yes, Giovannis's is the name, and this board pointed me to it. Great wedges...they come from the Bronx, so all transplanted NYers should feel at home! Best rolls in town.

                          1. re: tdchow

                            Giovanni's is THE HANDS DOWN BEST ITALIAN DELI IN THE AREA...Vavalas in darien is excelllent but pricy

                        2. For great Indian food in Stamford: DAKSHIN 68 Broad Street, Stamford (203)964-1010

                          Along with friends who are serious Indian food enthusiasts, this restaurant was also rated "EXCELLENT" by Patricia Brooks in the NYTimes http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage...


                          This is the sister restaurant of the also highly praised("Excellent" NYTimes)Coromandel in Darien, CT. Have not been to Dakshin yet, myself, but hope to do so soon. Coromandel is superb. Both have lunch buffets, in addition to fascinating menus with dishes from many regions of India.

                          The website CtNow has good and pretty reliable reviews of Fairfield County (and other areas of Ct) restaurants, especially simpler and ethnic fare,and a decent search engine: http://www.ctnow.com/dining/

                          1. burger and a beer (stella) at rory's in darien is well worth the short ride north. lobster roll and a martini at rowayton seafood isn't cheap but it should put a smile on your face. try kampei (bull's head shopping center in stamford) for good chinese take out/delivery. they also have seats.

                            as mentioned above, colony is a hoot. sit at the bar for lunch, order a hot oil pie and a beer. make friends with your neighbors. smokey joe's "bar-b-q" (on east main in stamford) is authentic and pretty good. bring an appetite.

                            1. Avoid Kam Pei--I had a very "interesting" experience that reflected on that establishments idea of cleanliness.

                              1. There's another great Italian food market/deli just off of High Ridge Road called Fratelli's. It's actually on Cedar Heights Rd. Really good Italian meats...they are one of only a few placed in the area who know how to make a Big Boy sub: Mortadella, Capicola, Prosciutto, Ham, Salami, Provolone, Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Balsamic, the kitchen sink, the spare tire, the golf clubs, and anything else you can find!

                                1. Columbus Park Trattoria- 205 Main Street Stamford
                                  Quattro Pazzi- 245 Hope St Stamford
                                  La Hacienda- 222 Summer Street

                                  1. Bestr indian Food on earth better than all of the top london indian eateries is called KORA MANDEL in Darien CT. great $12 lunch buffet. all indian places in CT have buffetsets, we know this.

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                                      "KORAMANDEL" in Darien is, I believe, CORAMANDEL, and the owners opened DAKSHIN in Stamford, after Coramandel's great success. and it is also rated "Excellent," so one can stay in Stamford for the same superb food. DAKSHIN 68 Broad Street, Stamford (203)964-1010
                                      Lived in London myself for 15 years and agree with you about how great Coramandel is. (See my October 12th post above) Hope others go and enjoy it as much.

                                    2. You guys live in Stamford but I bet you aren't kids. I'm definitely not a corny dumb place kid. I'm gourmet. Dakshin is ok and they deliver. It has to be 40$ or above however. Still a great place for eating. Kit's Thai is another great place. The same atmosphere as ole mole the serve the only good thai for miles (other than thali in New Canaan). There is take out and delivery and I highly reccomend any dish with noodles!

                                      1. mr. seafoodboy.

                                        walk over to Ocean 211. sit at the bar. order a half dozen oysters during lunchtime. do this once a week, february through march. thank me later.

                                        your SAT scores will grow significantly.

                                        1. are you willing to head to Greenwich? there are some great, not expensive places to dine here as well!

                                          1. Fiesta Cove lunch specials are a steal (like $6-7 for fresh bread with this great creamy garlic sauce, salad, rice and chicken or steak) - I like the Pollo Milanesa or try the fish specials.
                                            Mi Terruno on East Main - split an entree for $15 and you got a decent steak dinner for two.
                                            Garibaldi Mexican Grill (I know, Garibaldi doesn't sound Mexican) on the west side is better than Casa Villa. They deliver. Try the enchiladas.
                                            For lunch: Garden Catering, Rinaldi's deli, the burrito cart in Shippan.
                                            Athens Pizza has great Greek food - love the salads, souvlaki and anything from the grill. The pasta is not the strong point.
                                            Dakshin's lunch buffet is great and the service is very good.
                                            Capriccio - but the service is slow.

                                            Avoid: Hope St Pizza, Smokey Joes (overpriced and the food is mediocre in my opinion, but the only BBQ place in town). Hacienda (WAY overpriced). Onyx (looks flashy but the food is so-so). Bulls Head Diner (the food is awful - go to Athen's for burgers and fries).

                                            1. ...BTW ocean 211 is sublime but certainly not divey.

                                              1. I try to avoid eating in Stamford (why bother when NYC is a short 40 minute drive?) but if I have to here are my choices:

                                                Ole Mole and Sierra Grill for quick, fresh tex-mex
                                                Napa and Co. for excellent food (I love the Kobe Burger)
                                                Brasitas for good latin food
                                                Outside of Stamford I would suggest Greenwich Ave and SoNo...you can't go wrong. For incredible Peruvian food head into Port Chester.

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                                                1. re: lizahs

                                                  If you live here, don't ya think it's sort of hard to schlep into the city every time you get hungry? Plus, I'd have to say that NYC doesn't have a monopoly on good eats.

                                                  About greenwich ave., I have to disagree about it being a sure bet. Lot's of traps there at a much higher price point than Stamford (read: mediterraneo and most other places on the ave).

                                                  Agree that Ole Mole is pretty good for a mex fix when you can't get to PC or New Rochelle. Brasitas... I can't decide. Would like to hear what you've liked there. I've had some good meals there, but the jury is out for me as I'm not sure paying double what you'd pay at any other latin place is worth it there. Presentation and setting are nicer, but I haven't tried enough to see if the food quality is really any better...

                                                  1. re: adamclyde

                                                    I have to agree with lizahs. I live in Stamford and can't find any restaurant that keeps my interest. I usually wind up in NYC!

                                                    1. re: jfood

                                                      You'll like Jean Pierre...very reminiscent of Bonne Nuit.

                                                      1. re: Foodie Fairfield

                                                        Double F

                                                        Those are very strong words and reco. Thx.

                                                        1. re: Foodie Fairfield

                                                          usually good food...cassoulet was a disappointment last time i had it

                                                        2. re: jfood

                                                          I agree 100%....Stamford is definitely making a comeback with their restos. Jfood, have you had the pleasure of trying Duo yet?

                                                          1. re: jfood

                                                            I'd try Duo for lunch to start. Only because they're still fairly new & I'd hate for you to get bad service on a Friday or Saturday night.

                                                            1. re: amanda3571

                                                              Amanda, what are your Duo rec's as far as sushi goes? Their specialty rolls look really interesting.

                                                              1. re: Foodie Fairfield

                                                                I must admit...I'm not *quite* so adventurous when it comes to Sushi (read: no thank you to eel, octopus, urchin, etc - & they happily accomodated my "no scary fish please" request)...and I'm still working my way through the menu...but the salmon, tuna, sea bass, yellowtail, etc are all amazing. You can really taste the freshness & quality of the fish - which is what is most important to me. Plus with the 3 dipping sauces & a delish soup and salad to start....you can't go wrong. We're hoping to go back this wknd - so perhaps Monday I'll have more of an update. I did really enjoy the Duo Tuna - if you check out the thread on Duo: New Stamford Restaurant - I gave a description there. I haven't had a chance to try their specialty rolls - but am anxious to try the Buddha Roll after ST's glowing review.