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Oct 5, 2006 05:38 PM

Anything good in Stamford, CT?

I am from NYC and have been transported to Stamford, CT for the work week. I miss TRUE food. Is there anywhere around that has amazing food. Atmosphere does not matter at all. Need good food. Divey places are the best, as long as the food is great. Any suggestions?

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  1. Pizza-Colony Grill, Myrtle Ave. 203-359-2184...order a hot oil pie.

    1. Try to find your way to Pat's Hubba Hubba for chili-cheese fries.
      Is Taco Loco still on Long Ridge Road, anyone?
      Galangal has good Thai...

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      1. re: Elizzie

        where was taco loco? I haven't ever seen it, that I can remember, and I live near long ridge.

        to add to what I said below, for not divey places, egamame on atlantic street has some pretty good, higher end korean bbq. (your galangal rec reminded me). It's been a while though.

      2. Colony Grill is a must!

        1. By the way, you're more than welcome to come up to Norwalk and try some of our great food. Jeff's Cuisine for Southern, Chocopologie for (surprise!) chocolate, the Luncheria for Venezuelan arepas (and so much more)...

          1. not sure what "true" food means, but good food can and does exist outside of the 5 boroughs.

            it sounds like you aren't after a scene (good thing too, cuz you wouldn't find it anyhow) then go to antojitos chapines, on West Main for good guatemalen. Mi Terruno, on east main for pretty good colombian. Casa villa, also on east main, depending on who is behind the counter, has good tacos. Carribean Bakery, next to the midas has pretty good jerk chicken, and great goat curry. And good beef patties on coco bread too. Good fish and chips at royal guard on shippan. Great pancakes at lakeside diner on Long Ridge. There's a lot to be explored. And, good for you, it's been written up on these boards for the past 6+ years.

            Outside of Stamford, as Elizie mentioned, Norwalk has great stuff. Her rec for the arepas are spot on. Great stuff, and as good and inventive as any I've had in queens.

            Fairfield county actually has some very good food. It just isn't found in many of the more expensive places, from my experience. And, if you want to head south 10 minutes, port chester is the veritable gold mind of delicious food. but I'll leave that to another post.