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Oct 5, 2006 05:18 PM

Ebinger's Blackout Cake Recipe in Cooks Country Magazine

Has anyone of suitable age and origin tried the recipe in Cook's Country magazine (current issue) for what is claimed to be an Ebinger's Blackout Cake?

Cook's Country is a relatively new, folksy offshoot of Cooks Illustrated, a mag that that many of you hounds likely know. Cooks' recipe research is unlike any other, and some steps in the recipe (like "blooming" the cocoa in butter) lend hope. However, the cake that so many of us remember had a filling (pudding) and a frosting (buttercream) that were distinctly different while Cooks Country uses the pudding for both.

My kitchen is being renovated, so baking is a problem, but if this recipe works, It'll be worth my doing anyway :-)

I've tried several recipes over the years (Molly O'Neill; Gale Gand; others) and some of these tasted good, but none was anything like the Blackout cake that I remember.

Cake guru Flo Braker claims that it wasn't the cake itself, but the memories of a forever lost time and place. I believed this for a while, but I've come to realize that it damn well WAS the cake! It seems inconceivable that Ebingers could disappear without a trace almost 35 years ago, yet so many people share the same memory of what must have been the best commercial bakery EVER. It seems equally inconceivable that hundreds of recipes that produced millions of cakes could have completely dematerialized.

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  1. Ebinger's is my earliest memory of cake! My Chowhound profile lists it as my favorite comfort Chow!
    I don't remember it having 2 types of filling buttercream and pudding, ...only this one may be closer to my memory of it...I'll get the issue and take a look at it...
    EBINGERS even the name makes me salivate.....yum..Mocha butter cream cake, White Mountain Bread.....those pale green boxes!

    1. I think it's at least possible that the pudding got stiffer as a result of being spread as a thin icing layer on the outside of the cake, then covered with those crumbs. That's always been my theory. OTOH, "The Brooklyn Cookbook" has different recipes for the filling and the frosting.

      Please bake it and let us know!

      1. The "Brooklyn Black-out" cake from Gale Gand's "butter sugar flour eggs" is a good one. And as heidipie mentioned, the custard is used to "ice" the cake before coating it with crumbs.

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