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Oct 5, 2006 05:13 PM

Dinner in Somerville or Cambridge for Parents Weekend

We've been to Gargoyles several times and really enjoyed it. And we got the original recommendation from Chowhound! But we thought we might try a different restaurant. (Our son eats out Indian and Thai regularly, so not that, and we're from the NYC area, so we don't need an Italian restaurant.) Should we go with EVOO or The Blue Room this time? Any other suggestions?

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  1. If you are thinking about the Blue Room I would suggest that you try Rendezvous in Central Square (on Mass Ave.). The former chef of the Blue Room is the owner and it has received many positive reviews on this board. They have similar food (and price point) but I think at this time Rendezvous is a better choice.

    Another suggestion in Cambridge (Inman Square) would be East Coast. However, they don't take reservations except for larger parties (6+?).

    1. Dali if you want to go Spanish, fun and informal. I'm sure it will be a zoo.

      1. I would say if you liked Gargoyle's you'd like EVOO. Another option in that area is Oleana, which is also lovely.

        1. Oleana is, IMHO, better than either EVOO (which is very good) or the Blue room (which is better), especially if you have a vegetarian in your party and double especially if the patio is open. Any of these places are likely to be a zoo for parents' weekend, though, reserve now and/or eat late.

          If everything is full up (or even if not), you might consider heading to Downtown or the South End, I know that many students from this side of the river never get into Boston at all.