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Oct 5, 2006 04:55 PM

Asheville-WNC-Chinese or Asian? Yeah-Asian.

OK, I know this is weird to ask for this area. I know its not Atlanta, San Fran or Seattle but are there any decent Asian restaurants (particularly Chinese) in WNC that don't serve "Americanized" dishes such as General Tso's or Sweet & Sour Pork as their signature dish? Looking for something that comes somewhat close to the real thing. Doesn't have to be perfect.

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  1. Doc Chey's on Biltmore Ave. has good, fast, cheap Asian. It's often crowded and noisy, but if you are willing to give up a little intimacy, the freshness and authenticity are sure to please.

    Caveat emptor: Doc Chey's is a (small) chain with stores in Greenville, Orlando, and Atlanta. I can only vouch for the food at the Asheville location.

    I have also read some positive reviews of Thai Basil (Grove Arcade) but haven't made it there yet. Thoughts, anyone?

    1. I'm a new resident of WNC (Franklin--can't get much more WNC than that) and love Chinese food (came from the DC area). I've been grilling the Chinese lady at our new dry cleaner with the same question. Short answer--there isn't much, but she did mention a place in Brevard she likes. Apparently it's on the main Hy (28), and is only a buffet, but she claims it's pretty good. She likes seafood and she says they have good seafood. Take it for what it's worth. I don't recall the name, but will repost when I find out. For me it's nearly a 2 hr. drive and I can be in Atlanta in 2 hours, so I doubt I'll be trying the place anytime soon. It's considerably closer to Asheville tho.

      1. there is an ENORMOUS chinese/asian buffet place as you drive into Brevard - I'll be that's what she's talking about.