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Oct 5, 2006 04:51 PM

roasting a whole chicken

Now theres a pretty simple (yet wonderful) thing we've never gotten around to mastering at home. Well this weekend that's going to change. Planning on Keller's recipe.

So the question is where's the best place to find an extraordinary bird to roast? Not worried about price...just want healthy (organic?) and delicious so that any negatives are down to our mastery of the preparation, not an inferior bird.

We live in Cobble Hill. I was thinking of getting it at Los Paisanos as I seem to remember they have Bell & Evans, etc. Or Staubitz. Any other nearby (pref walkable) suggestions?

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  1. A post from a few months ago - gives details on staubitz, etc:

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    1. d'Artagnan chicken...far and away the best I've ever tasted in the US....for roasting, try to get one of their blue foot chickens...really extraordinary!...I can get it in my local Food Emporium...and also in Grace's Marketplace....

      1. STAUBITZ is the best choice. They have organic, free range chickens. I have never been disappointed with their birds.

        1. Get on the train and go to Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday morning. Get one of Violet Hill Farm's Belle Rouge chickens. Much better than any chicken you will get in a grocery store. Get there early; he sells out fast.

          1. ..It's hard to beat a MURRAY'S CHICKEN...

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              Watch me. I like Murray's fine, if you brine.

              But you can't beat a poulet de bresse. Or a bluefoot. Pure chickenny goodness. And if you do roast it; make sure you use Cooks Illustrated recipe. 375, coat with butter or oil if you want to retain kosherness of a kosher chicken. Pepper only if you use a brined or kosher chicken.

              Start on wingside, rotate every 25 minutes, first to other wing, then to back, then to breast. I like to shoot the heat up to 425 for a couple minutes to get the skin crispy, but most of the crisping begins with a well air-dried bird.

              This is for a three - four pound bird.

              Let rest for 25 minutes under a foil tent.

              Oh the joy of McGee and Kimball