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Oct 5, 2006 04:50 PM

Philly Chowhound seeks MILWAUKEE Help

Hi All! Every 6 months or so I have to travel to a Board Meeting of a record collectors association to which I belong. We plan the Annual Conference and then come back for it six months later. This year it's Milwaukee and I'll be up at end of the month for Friday-Sunday for the Board Meeting.

I trust CHs to guide me to the best places (in Ann Arbor a few years back on local CH picked me up and we went to lunch together and found lots of things to talk about re: food). WE'll have two group dinners (Friday and Saturday) and I'm guessing our local arrangements folks will come up with something - though I'm open for suggestions.

What I'm looking for are breakfast and lunch ideas near the hotel. We'll be at the Hilton City Center. I get in noonish Friday and can use a great quick lunch place for one and then I'll need breakfast for the next two days. (I'm not into hotel dining rooms). A can go for a great local "eggs" place or a super bakery. Ideas? Then for Saturday lunch we need a place near the hotel for about 8 or 10 of us (including one vegetarian). What the CH favorites here. Casual and fairly priced?

Thanks for your help!

Steve in Philly

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  1. I don't live in Milwaukee anymore, but not too long ago I posted this advice here:

    I think you'll be pretty close to the African Hut. It's really fantastic Nigerian food. They have both meat and vegetarian options. I said on the previous post:

    "The African Hut is a fantastic Nigerian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. All of the vegetable dishes are great (with or without chicken). Be adventureous and try some fufu or pounded yam with a stew. The Peanut Stew-Banfi is so good it will surprise you. They have the hottest chicken wings I've ever had. and the Mindinmindin is a very decadent dessert that you really need to try."

    1107 N. Old World 3rd St. (right near the Bradley Center
    )Milwaukee, WI

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      Thanks! Your posting was great. It remined me that last time I ate with my friend at Mader's And brought home some Bratwurst. I clicked on Mader's like and found a $9.00 per person discount off dinner till end of October. Is that still a good place? I might go with my friend again on Sunday or Monday night.

      Steve in Philly

    2. Also consider Sanford's - just listed as #40 in the Top 50 restaurants by Gourmet magazine:

      Apart from dining, check out Milwaukee's own "chocolate nazi" at Northern Chocolate:

      1. Steve

        I was in Milwaukee this past summer for a conference, and one of my dinners was at Mader's. Thought it was great.......I was never a big German food fan, but Mader's may have changed that. Many posters on Chowhound indicate Karl Ratszch's is even better, but we only had time for one German meal this trip.

        For breakfast, if you like to walk, the Bella Cafe in the Third Ward was great......good coffee, friendly staff and customers, great baked oatmeal. My guess is it would make a good lunch spot, too (although did not eat lunch there). My wife and I enjoyed the early morning walk there from the Hilton (but we like to might be too far for some folks).

        And try the local micro beers.....some great ones.

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        1. re: Toph

          Thanks for the Breakfast heads up. I just read that there's a Starbucks in Hilton Lobby so coffee and a scone will often do it for me. But HOW FAR is Bella Caffe in - say blocks? I'm a reasonable walker. Also, What time does the Public Market open?

          Thanks for all the help. Sorry I didn't reply quick. I was out of town. Head for Milwaukee This FRiday!

          Steve in Philly

        2. The problem is that the Hilton is in a dead area for food. There's a Benihana's nearby and a bar for the sports arena. You might try the Calderone Club on Kilbourn and Plankinton. I haven't been there in years, but the original place on the East Side (long gone) was very reliable. Or, as mentioned above, the Third Ward, south of the expressway which cuts thru downtown has more than a couple of places for lunch, including the Milw. Public Market, which is a collection of places with a sit down area upstairs. Breakfast is the real challenge, I'm afraid there's not much on that score unless you get away from the hotel.

          1. For lunch, try Jewel of India. It is right up the street from the Hilton, offers a buffet including vegetarian options. You could try the Third Street Pier for breakfast. Thai Palace is really good too.