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Oct 5, 2006 04:40 PM

Fried Cheese in Rome

We ate at a small restaurant in Rome where the main dish was cheese fried on a grill along with other ingredients. There were probably twenty combinations of fried cheese and other ingredients on the menu. It was great.

My problem is I can't duplicate the dish, probably because I am using the wrong cheese. Does anyone know what goes into this dish, or know of a restaurant that serves it? (I don't know the name of the restaurant in Rome, or I would find somebody who speaks italian and call them.)

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  1. you know, we ate something exactly like this, and I too tried to re-create it. I know the cheese is Mozzarella, but the big problem I've always run into is that when I try to brown it, it just sticks to the pan. I've tried non-stick pans, lots of oil, a griddle, tin foil, and pretty much everything else I can think of, but nothing's worked.

    who knows?

    1. My guess would be the closest Italian cheese to Kasseri, which is often fried in a pan. What was the flavor?

      1. Was it like a hallumi cheese? That fries very well.

        1. it really just tasted like mozzarella. The thing was basically an omlette with cheese replacing the eggs. The cheese wasn't fried so much as melted with stuff like peppers and tomatoes and such inside, and browned just perfectly.

          1. maybe it was scamorza (which can be smokey or not) , which is frequently served grilled with prosciutto or speck and other stuff.