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Oct 5, 2006 04:35 PM

ISO local coffee beanery - for use in a moka pot

I'm a fan of Blue Bottle's Three Africans blend. However, their ordering system has gone horribly wrong and their customer service is not so much. Love the local business, but actually receiving my coffee has become the priority.

Can anyone recommend a good blend or bean that works well in a moka pot? Would love to find something at Ritual Roasters, Capricorn or another local place.

Prior to converting to Three Africans, I drank Peet's Major Dickason's for almost 20 years, but that seems far too burnt nowadays.

FYI, here's a pic of a moka pot in case you're wondering:

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  1. I'm not sure how it works in the Moka pot, but I asked for a nutty lightly roasted bean with berry fruit undertones, and a girl at Ritual Roasters gave me an Ethiopian blend I've been very happy with. For reference, I loved the Blue Bottle Yemeni blend, then they gave me what I think was Three Africans when they were temporarily out and it was good but not as good as the Yemeni blend or what I got last weekend from Ritual Roasters. FYI, the Yemeni beans have sporadic availability thanks to...Homeland Security. There are terrorists in them thar coffee beans.

    1. Thank you! The scarcity of the Yemeni beans has caused the sporadic availability of the Three Africans blend.

      The other blends they've reco'd as sub haven't suited us, but we haven't tried the Yemeni. FYI, Giant Steps is a disaster in the moka pot and Temescal isn't a good substitute in terms of flavor profile. I'll definitely check out the Ethiopian at Ritual Roasters.

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        I must emphasize that I drip brew and don't use a Moka pot at home, but wanted to give a recommendation based on the flavors you seem to like.

      2. Alvin's Coffee on Irving Street between 18th and 19th Avenues has made a private blend for me to use in my Moka Pot. I am sure that he will do the same for you if you can tell Alvin the flavor profile that you are going for.

        1. Thanks for clarifying. We do both but the moka is harder on the beans so that seemed important to mention.

          1. I got great French roast at the lovely coffee shop at 30th and Church (XO) a few years ago when we lived in the City. Are they still going strong? Great cake there, too.