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Oct 5, 2006 04:29 PM

Turquoise Grill - Number is temporarily disconnected, what's the story?

Does anyone know if this place on 123rd and Amsterdam is still open? When you call, a recording says the number is temporarily disconnected.

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  1. Benjamin68,

    Just walked by and they're closed. This happened shortly after they first opened, too, when they were closed for about four weeks. Could be Ramadan, or the NYC Health Dept. Check the Health Dept. website to see if they closed the restaurant for inspection violations.....

    1. Turquoise Grill has been closed for a couple of months now, long before Ramadan. I suspect that they simply weren't doing enough business to stay open. They were frequently out of something on the menu when I ate there, and the servers always seemed like novices. The other restaurants on the same block -- Sezz Medi, Kitchenette, and Max SoHa -- all are thriving. It's too early to tell for Saga Sushi, the Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant that opened within the past few months.