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Oct 5, 2006 04:15 PM

Baltimore Restaurants For Business Clients

Will be in Baltimore in November, hosting clients at a hotel near the Inner Harbor. Am looking for recommendations for dinner that I can pass along to them. Would appreciate suggestions in the following categories: Seafood, French/Bistro, Classic Baltimore, Steak, Italian, and Random.

I'd prefer that the restaurants be close to the Inner Harbor (i.e. walking or short cab ride), be in a decent neighborhood, and have consistent quality food (i.e., not "can be great, can also be average"). Please provide approximate prices also.


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  1. Charleston (Chef Cindy Wolf) - a bit pricey, but I've heard it's worth it. Reservations a must.

    1. The Charleston is nice. I always thought it was a bit overpriced, but still very good (entrees ~$30). Della Notte in little italy has very good italian and a good wine list (about the same price). Ruth's Chris is the only steakhouse I can think of that's near the inner harbor.

      Also maybe Brewer's Art and Helmunds.

      1. I want to clarify and disagree with the above post. Charleston is generally considered the best "price is not an issue" restaurant in town. The pricing is based on the number of courses you choose to have (I am sure someone will provide the exact price) but it is much more expensive than $30 entrees.

        As for Della Notte, I found it to be at best an average Italian place, as is most of Little Italy. Baltimore has a million Italian restaurants but the general consensus is to avoid Little Italy.

        I am sure that you will get good suggestions on the other requests- but in general venture at least a quick cab ride away from the inner harbor for good food. You also should do a quick search on the board as I think there has been a similar discussion in the last couple of days-- good luck

        1. Charleston is the best "fine" restaurant.
          Roy's (by chef Roy Yamaguchi)is nearby for asian/fusion seafood in an upscale setting.
          Prime Rib is the best steakhouse, not Ruth's Chris, and is a short cab ride.
          Legal Seafood is across the street from the Inner Harbor, and is a great casual seafood place, born in Boston and loved by Julia Child.

          1. Roy's, Prime Rib and Legal Seafood are all chains.
            If you want casual seafood, Baltimore-style, go to "Mamas on the Half Shell" in Canton:

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              I agree 100% on Mamas for seafood.

              While it's true there are three Prime Rib's (Balt. D.C. and Philly) I wouldn't put them in the same chain catagory as Roy's and Legal Seafood which have many more locations.