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Oct 5, 2006 04:01 PM

Meat and 3's and Good Southern Cooking in SC

Let's hear people's favorite Meat and 3's or just good Southern Cooking spots in SC. We've already covered BBQ pretty extensively so unless they have some other standout fare leave it be. To start it off my favorites are

Miller's Breadbasket in Blackville
The Chat and Chew in Turbeville
The Summerton Diner in Summerton
The Sunshine in Summerton

The last three are all within a few miles of I-95 so they are a possiblity for folks traveling through the state. The last two would be the most convienent however. Miller's Breadbasket is fantastic but Blackville really isn't on the way to anywhere except maybe from Charleston to Aiken. Worth the trip for a true foodie though.

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  1. In Columbia SC try Nathan's at the corner of Hampton and Gregg streets. You won't be disappointed. Traditional meat and three in an old pharmacy building.

    The Palace on Gervais Street is a wonderful dive that should not be missed. Fried chicken, country fried steak (smothered), pimiento burgers... On Wednesdays they will serve either country fried steak or meatloaf with three vegetables and rolls. Thursdays, if you ask, Nancy will fry you up some chicken livers. If you want a nice salad go elsewhere.