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My 2 favorite Dim Sum places in Manhattan have abruptly shut down with no forwarding information. This is happening to many of my favorite old restaurants. So sad. First lost chinese place on 97th and broadway, then to my shock Sweet N Tart on Mott st. Been to the Sweet n Tart in Queens, it's just too far.

Cany anyone recommend an authentic Dim Sum on Sat or Sunday morning in manhattan? Can be with portable carts or an order from menu as long as it is the real thing...ie. pork buns, shrimp dumplings, clams in black bean sauce, spare ribs with bean curd, fish neck, etc....
thanks, i am David.

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  1. Golden Unicorn, Triple Eight, HSF...

    Dim Sum Go Go is good, but a little more nouvelle.

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      Where are these places in chinatown? Golden Unicorn, Triple Eight, HSF...

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        Golden Unicon and Triple Eight are both on East Broadway. Triple Eight is actually on 88 E B'way, right under the bridge.

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          Triple Eight - 128 Mott Street (btwn Hester/Grand)
          HSF - 46 Bowery (btwn Bayard and Canal)
          Golden Unicorn - 8 E Broadway (btwn Catherine st/Market St)
          Jing Fong - 18 Elizabeth (and Canal)

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            Has anyone ever been to 88 on a weekday? Its almost empty. The hidden restaurant upstairs across the street is better and more bustling.

            Grand harmony on mott is mediocre.

      2. Carts: Golden bridge on bowery street between bayard and canal.
        Off the menu: Pings on mott street or Dim sum gogo on East broadway-chatham square.

        1. Couldn't find them on menupages...maybe closed? I remember these places from when I was younger...I pretty much only go to Shun Lee Cafe for fried stuff and Dim Sum Go Go for dumplings now. I'm sorry!

          1. ping's 22 mott street, chinatown manhattan

            1. Last Sunday I had the dim sum surprise of my life. I went to Chinatown Brasserie that new chic-y, bi-level fancy pants place on Lafayette where Time Cafe used to be. The dim sum chef is Joe Ng who turned out great ds creations at a place called World Tong in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. Fabulous dim sum. Fresh, beautifully prepared, delicate and flavorful. Can't go into more detail now. I'm going back Saturday evening for more.

              1. Down-and-dirty cart service and yell-in-your-face waiters and a steady flow of fresh steaming goodies:

                Chatham Restaurant (formerly known as Hop Shing), on Chatham Sq aka Bowery, at East Broadway.

                Best quality + a la carte service:

                The small street-level place on Elizabeth Street, that's two doors south of the Jin Fong mega-restaurant.

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                  Oh and its 9 CHATHAM (formerly Hop Shing)- which I love. People always confuse this with a new restaurant also name CHATHAM RESTAURANT on 6 CHATHAM, doors down- sneaky of them to name themselves chatham since their dim sum was horrible, cold, or soggy wet for sitting too long. Oriental garden is also a go.

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                    Strange. I just ate at 6 Chatham -- for dinner, not dimsum -- and I LOVED it.


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                      Then maybe it was just my luck. But I wasn't the only one that felt that way, others have agreed about their dim sum. Whatever their excuse is, I'll give it another try for dim sum as well as their dinner.

                2. My favorite so far has been oriental garden - fresh, not too greasy and just amazing. I've been to just about all the others mentioned and think OG blows them away.