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Oct 5, 2006 03:10 PM

Best Vegeterian Prepared Food at Market Hall and Temescal neighborhood Oakland

I am having company Saturday for lunch. It will be a vegeterian meal. I will be picking up the food at Market Hall; La Farine or Bakesale Betty and other stores on Telegraph and 51st.

Any suggestions on items you have bought in these stores. In particular the prepared foods...since I will be coming from a meeting and won't have time to cook.

Also we would like the food to be not fatty, since we have work that needs to get done in the afternoon and no time to snooze.

The food suggestions can be spicy or not; any ideas on the cakes or pastries-- since it is a birthday celebration. The admonition for low fat does not apply to the cake!

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  1. I like the spicy tofu salad and quinoa salad from Market Hall.

    1. I also love the spicy tofu salad.

      They also usually have some pizza-type deals that are very good. My husband likes their dolmas. The spanikopita is delicious if you get it early enough so that the bottom isn't complete mush.

      I also like their roasted vegs.

      1. Cafe Pippo across the street from Bakesale Betty's makes KILLER antipasti vegetarian salads. Hard to recommend because they are different everytime I went. If they have the portabella, I highly recommend that.

        Good chips and guacamole next door at La Calaca Loca

        1. At Pasta Shop, here's another vote for the spicy tofu salad -- it's what changed me from a tofu hater to a tofu lover. I also really like the spanikopita -- when I get it I tend to warm it up in the oven so that it's not soggy on the bottom. Their baba ghanoush is excellent, I've tried and failed many times to replicate it at home. I also like the lentil salad there a lot, and I think they have a good mushroom pate. Also, they have great cheeses and bread there, so it would be easy to pull together a cheese plate. They also have good vegetarian ravioli (and this time of year there's usually a pumpkin one), so if you wanted to do a little cooking, you could make some of that. The bakery there sometimes has really good vegetarian foccacia bread, my favorite is the roasted tomato and mushroom, but they don't have it every day. For dessert items, I'm not sure how big the group is, but their "bright and beautiful" layer cakes are tiny, cute, and tasty birthday cakes (they would probably serve about four or so, you could always buy two).

          1. If you're around 51st and Telegraph you should get some zucchini torta (and/or artichoke torta, but despite the fact it sounds more prosaic, I actually think the zucchini is better) from Genova Delicatessen. It's sort of like a dense frittata and can be served at any temperature. I usually serve it straight from the package, cut into small squares.

            You can buy cheese there, too, at a fraction of the cost of the Pasta Shop. Sure the selection isn't as good, but they have some very decent cheeses at very reasonable prices.