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Oct 5, 2006 03:09 PM

Guilford, CT area: "Whole" restaurants

Hi folks,
Moved a few months ago to Guilford, CT and have been eagerly reviewing the pertinent posts for this area.
My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I'm wondering what might be a good place to take them to dinner. One topic that I haven't seen addressed for this area is the availability of restaurants that specialize in cooking that involves whole grains and a focus on vegetarian options, although it doesn't have to be a vegetarian restaurant. Just something that has a good focus in this area.
Been to the Vegetarian Enclave in Guilford, but wasn't too impressed. Even an option of Italian cuisine that has whole grain options would be cool. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. It's Only Natural, Middletown (bit of a trek but you can do leaf peeping)
    Udupi Bhavan (ditto)

    Fow in Branford does some great veg options-- veg strusel, yumm.

    1. Rainbow Gardens and Claire's in New Haven. The Edge of the Woods is a natural foods market and also has some seating for dining, but it's no restaurant. Food is pretty good, and they have a juice bar.

      1. You might try going to Foodworks Deli on Boston Post Road. Mostly takeout, but their chef, Frank Giglio, is an expert in raw and vegetarian foods, and he may have some ideas for you.