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Oct 5, 2006 03:07 PM

Pie Crust Bag

Anyone know where one might find one of those zippered plastic pie crust bags in Boston? No luck at Kitchen Arts.

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  1. didja try Eastern Baker's Supply?

    1. No - I forgot about them. I will check and see. I think a "real" pastry chef that would shop there doesn't have need of such remedial devices.

        1. Have you tried just rolling the crust between two sheets of waxed paper? Obviously this doesn't help with the "round" factor, but it does make the crust easy to handle, and you don't need to use extra dusting flour which can toughen the crust (so I'm told).

          1. There's a kitchen supply place (like Lechter's used to be) at the Wrentham outlets that has them.