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Oct 5, 2006 02:11 PM

asiate, megu, or morimoto?

friend coming in from london wants to try one of these. which is best food? also, friend=ex so maybe (not overtly)more romantic?


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  1. Asiate is by far the most romantic of the three, so I would avoid that if you don't want to convey the wrong impression (despite excellent food). I personally prefer the food at Morimoto and think the prices are more in line with the quality than at Megu. Ambiance is very different, with Morimoto being sleek and modern and Megu being more imperial in nature, so it depends what you prefer. My overall vote is Morimoto.

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    1. re: Phil E

      I personally haven't been, but have heard HORRID stories regarding the food and service at Morimoto from multiple foodies. Megu in Midtown is sleek and modern, if you are looking for ambiance.

    2. I don't know-i've been there a few times and the food AND the service was nothing but fabulous. The duck and the rock shrimp tempura are must-haves. And they make amazing desserts and Lichido lycheetinis. Can't recommend the place enough.

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      1. re: Schveinhund

        I agree, Ive been to Morimotos twice and the service was great both times. The food is great too.