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Oct 5, 2006 01:29 PM


Going to Pintxos. Any recommendations on what to order?

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  1. The tapas was decent and I enjoyed their wine list. We usually order the squid ink paella, but it was a bit salty the last time I had it. You can't go wrong with their tapas though.

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      Thx. We started with the ham croquettas and the stuffed mussels. The croquettas were delicious. I thought the stuffed mussels were decent, but not great. The solomillo with the cabrales sauce was very nice. Not as good as in Spain, but pretty good. My husband loved the crema catalana for dessert. Wine list was limited. Any suggestions for other Spanish restaurants?

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        Just so you know, they are called "pintxos," not tapas in a Basque restaurant.

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          A pintxo/pincho and a tapa can be two different things. A pintxo is usually constructed with a little toothpick or skewer stuck through it (pinchado=pierced).

      2. Would also love to know where you can get a real Spanish empanada, anything similar to the one we had in Spain with the flaky crust.

        I was not impressed with Tia Pol when I went. It's a nice-looking, trendy place, but not what I was looking for.

        1. I've been to Sevilla in the W. Village and I thought the paella was better a few years back. I just went recently and was a bit disappointed. The sangria is potent and I don't think they had too many tapas.

          N (en-ye) has tapas, but I don't think it's THAT great. More of a low key scene in SoHo (on Crosby) and the sangria was not that great in my opinion. Better place to go for drinks and to munch since the ambience is nice.

          I had fun at Cafe Espanol, but it's been some time since I've been (at least 4 years). But I remember a good experience overall and it's good for groups.

          Xunta is also okay, but I haven't been there in years. I'm sure you can find all these places on for menu and more reviews.

          Oh. Don't bother with La Paella on 9 St if you can. Didn't think it was that great either, but the decor is pretty.

          1. here is the lowdown on spanish places in nyc...from a gazpacho=despana store
            best all around tapas place old school "Solera"
            not traditional but fun "Casa Mono and Bar Jamon"
            Cool scene and decent food "Boqueria"
            Decent food small space "Las Ramblas"
            traditional and real old school "La Nacional"
            barca 18 is a joke, tia pol not enough variety and super small wine selections.
            marbella is a waste of time, Suba is not really spanish and N (EN-ye) has too small tapas list and the sangria is not good.
            the surprise of the season so far is bar carrera, super cheap prices and food was good. stay away from the sangria, get the priorat bottle instead... buen provecho!!!

            1. Yes, Barca 18 was HORRIBLE! I did not go there of my own choice (it was recommended by the concierge at a visiting friend's hotel [the annoying Gramercy - don't get me started on that place] for brunch. The place was nearly empty, there were many servers but we got little attention. Plates came out wrong and not all at the same time. I had the smallest tortilla espanol I've ever seen, but that was okay because it was the worst. The bill was outrageous.