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Oct 5, 2006 01:21 PM

Good restaurants near Jay Peak, VT

I am planning a long-weekend trip to Jay Peak, VT this winter, and I was wondering if anyone has any good restaurant suggestions. We are open to all options!

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  1. Wife and I have stayed at the Black Lantern a number of times and have always enjoyed their dinners. Nice little bar as well. Not too familiar with the area though, and havent been up to the Lantern in a couple years, since 2003 (too easy to get to SLC/Alta for great sking!)

    1. We stayed and ate (breakfast) at the Black Lantern last Fall.
      Breakfast,especially the "Cinammon Bomb" was outstanding!
      The owners were as friendly and full of information as any innkeepers we've ever met.
      They weren't serving dinner the night we were there and they sent us to a restaurant up on Jay Peak called "The Belfry".
      Check out their website(
      This was the best steak I've ever eaten in Vt. or just about anywhere else for that matter.
      This place looks like an Apres' Ski bar but the food was outstanding!
      My wife's Steak salad was the best she's ever had she said.
      We were so stuffed from great food that we didn't even have room for their homemade desserts.
      Always best to call these places to be sure about getting rooms and meals.
      Good eating!