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Where in Ontario can I get Rabbit Legs?

I am looking for Rabbit hind legs for a party. Can anyone help?

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  1. Actually I am looking for a producer as well!

    1. Many places on the Danforth carry rabbit. There are many independant butchers bewteen Donlands and Pape and Sun Valley just west of Pape has rabbits.

      1. The No Frills at Black Creek and Eglinton sells rabbit. As does the one at Dundas and Lansdowne.


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          I have seen rabbit at the No Frills at the Neilson and Tapscott location as well.

        2. Cumbraes, on Church, carry rabbit.

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            i've bought rabbit at No Frills also...at a good price..

          2. They sell rabbit at Lady York Foods on Dufferin a few blocks south of Lawrence.

            1. FIESTA FARMS, west side of christie, between bloor and dupont.

              great for all manner of local produce and nice selection of imported and organic grocery items at good prices. in the packaged, butchered (always very fresh) meats section i have often seen rabbit pieces, mostly legs. not always available, but convenient if you just want to use legs for a recipe (the best part!)...i'm sure you could arrange something with them if you needed a large number for a particular date as everyone there seems very courteous!

              1. Best place for rabbit in my opinion is the Portuguese butcher on Dundas West and Gladstone. We call them the 'disco butcher' due to all of the neon signs they've got going on. We live just around the corner and get most of our meats from there.

                They also sell old chicken for soup, complete with liver and feet - there's one bubbling away on the stock pot as I am writing this. The wife's got a cold and chicken soup is of the essence.

                1. Eddystone meats on Eddystone Road, near jane and finch. Great meat in general, twice a year, our family buys a hind of beef, and they age it for us, and then we go there one day and tell them exactly how we want it cut. Back to the rabbit though, I'm not sure if you can get just the hind legs, but you can definetly get rabbit there.