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Oct 5, 2006 01:13 PM

Close to Palm Springs Airport for a quick dinner

I will be at the palm springs airport and have 3 hours to kill before a flight. I'd like to cab it somewhere from the airport to a restaurant and back to the airport for all within 2 hours.

I'd prefer somewhere with a bar, sushi or otherwise, that has interesting food. I'll have been at a conference for a week, and will be sick of company dinners.

I have done my research and see Zin and a sushi place that look interesting - any other words of wisdom from the hounds?


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  1. A short 5 minute cab ride from PSP will take you to MANHATTAN IN THE DESERT on Hwy 111. This is a GREAT Deli. Wonderful Pastrami, Corned Beef, Lox, and an in house bakery that is amazing. No bar however, but they do serve beer and wine. Full of locals and tourists.

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      Interesting idea for dinner - is there anything else nearby that has a bar?

      1. re: gini

        I don't think Zin has a bar either. Better call to be sure. You might also consider Johanne's $$$$ and St. James $$$$. They both have bars...

        1. re: TBB3

          St. James has such an array of cuisines on its menu. Is it possible to do Mexican, Greek & Italian competently?

          I ask about bars because I'd rather eat at a bar when by myself. Does Mangattan in the Desert have a counter?

          1. re: gini

            Manhattan has a counter. It's where my wife and I prefer to sit when we are there. It only has 6 seats and is often available even when the restaurant is full (they don't seat it normally from the hostess stand) just walk past the hostess, turn left and look on your left for the counter...
            St. James is hit or miss as you might imagine with all the different types of cuisine, but usually competent.

    2. You may have already been to town but Kiyosaku Sushi is great. Best sushi in town.

      1. Thanks again for your recomendations. My flight was cancelled and I had to be shuttled to Ontario, but I've earmarked this page for further travels.