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Oct 5, 2006 12:21 PM

Majestic Dragon on Route 1 in Ipswich

Has anyone been? We are new to Rowley and are in desperate need of some Chinese. My boyfriend likes pu pu platter and fried rice, very standard stuff. Is the food at this place ok?

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  1. i think if U r just looking for the standard chino-american stuff this place should be fine. i have only been for drinks, which are also just average.

    i do think there is a Thai place down 133 a piece but the name (and exact location) escape me it is in a pretty non-descript strip mall. maybe other Hounds out there will chime in.

    1. Thanks, Steve. The place is Royal Orchid. I think it is pretty good Thai. It is priced higher than some of the Thai places in the city near my work but very close to my house for those Thai cravings.

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        Six of us just had a very good meal at Royal Orchid this weekend. Everything was fresh, prepared well (could be spicier of course, but wasn't expecting authentic Thai heat in Rowley), and friendly service. It was nice that the requisite combo app platter (dumpling, satay, chicken wings, etc.) was accompanied by a trio of dipping sauces. Some dishes we enjoyed were the drunken noodles (probably the spiciest out of all our dishes), duck with panang curry, seafood prik pao, mango fried rice, and the spicy "Wild Boneless Spare Ribs" with basil and green eggplant. Only negative was the sticky rice and mango dessert (under-ripe mango). Lots of seafood dishes including whole fish (fried with tamarind or chili, or steamed with ginger). Extensive menu with mostly Thai dishes, but also other items like crab rangoon and shumai, desserts like cheesecake and the Bacardi 151 fried ice cream (heh - you know we ordered it). Nice little spot hidden in a tiny strip mall in Rowley across from Market Basket, and everyone was very friendly. The atmosphere was more upscale than I expected due to its location, with white tablecloths, cozy atmosphere, and a small bar, and I may add very very good cocktails (sampled the Mai Tai and the Lychee martini). Open 7 days a week, lunch too.

      2. We get take-out from MJ about once per week. We find the food to be tasty and consistent. Our favorites and (regular dishes) are: Spicy String Beans, Pork Fried Rice, and General's Chicken.

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          1. The food is good the kitchen is clean / just your basic Chinese Rest. The atmosphere could be better. tired rest rooms ect.