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Oct 5, 2006 12:14 PM

trendy mexican

looking for a trendy mexican restaurant with ambiance for a friend coming to town who loves mexican and cant find any in the midwest

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  1. Well, if you want a trendy Mexican restaurant, go to Mexicali in Studio City and sit amongst all the BPs. If you want a GOOD Mexican restaurant with ambiance, go to La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights -- but trendy it's definitely not.

    1. You might try Frida in Beverly Hills. The location alone would make it trendy, but I have heard that the food is decent. however, I must ask why your friend wants trendy mexican food in a city where there is so much wonderful, non-trendy mexican food. Instead, get some fish tacos at Tacos Baja Ensenada, some ceviche at La Playita, some Oaxacan food at Monte Alban, get a walnut ice (nieve) at El Mercadito, etc.

      1. I get the whole trendy mexican thing and sorry, Mexicali is not it (yes, you'll see a lot of writers/producers there that your pal most likely wouldn't recognize but the food is eeck -- ).

        Here are my selections:

        Mexico City (Los Feliz, trendy actors)
        Malo (Silverlake -- Brad Pitt sighting a few weeks back)
        Casa Vega (great food -- I know I'm in the minority on the board, many celeb sightings here -- it's dark so celebs love to come here, esp mid week)
        El Cholo, SM (kinda)
        *** First two are really trendy, esp Malo

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        1. re: Silverlaker

          Funny thing, I've spotted Brad Pitt at Casa Vega a few years back.

          HE loves him some "mexican" food.

        2. El Cholo in SM has the faux-Mexican ambience down, but the food is atrocious.

          There, I said it.

          Anyone out there remember the old Chi-Chi's chain out east from the late 70s/early 80s? The grub at El Cholo is like that. An abomination in a region blessed with incredible Mexican food of all stripes.

          Having said that, Silverlaker's list does contain some trendy spots, no doubt.

          For a hopping hot spot with wild d├ęcor and ear-splitting noise level, and food that really polarizes Chowhounds, why not Border Grill?

          And when you want really great Mexican food and want to get as un-trendy as possible, hit Enrique's in Long Beach.

          1. I second the Mexicali suggestion. I think the food is great and its usually busy with a lot of trendy people there.
            They also take reservations which is great for groups.