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Oct 5, 2006 11:48 AM

PHO in CT....where do you dig it?

Jim at GoodbyeOhio mentioned Pho...which I love. I've had it from PHO on Park Road and East West Grille on New Park Ave. Where does everyone like it from? I stick with the more "normal" less exotic meats...but fall is soup season...bring it on.

The place on Park Road has since become another Vietnamese place which is a shame because there was a younger gal who worked there a few years ago who gave me a lesson in assembling my take out Pho. (that was super cool of her cause she could tell I was kind of clueless).

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  1. pho 501 (mistakenly called 'pho soi' by some) is my favorite in the area. 501 main st in east hartford, closed mondays. dont drive your manual trans. there as the parking lot is a vertical slope with a metal barrier 3 feet from the back of the spots. tried pho boston in w. hartford as well as some place on park rd. across from green man (pho 370?) and neither could hold a candle.

    beef quality is excellent and the broth is flavorful without being too oily.

    ps: you should really answer your profile questions! (the website told me to tell you this)


    1. Pho 501 is good. Pho Boston has a wider selection, with some great spicy variations.

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        can you recommend something specific from PB in the way of spicy pho? ive been a couple times, ordered a couple things, and been unimpressed. would be willing to try again for a spicy offering.


        1. re: goodbyeohio

          Jim, at Pho Boston try the house special spicy pho (I think it has "sate" in the name). It is chili-laced and tasty, with the contrast of fresh tomato and cucumber slices floating on top with the beef.

      2. The people you refered to at Park Road, the old Pho Tang Lai, are still in buisness but at a different location. They are right across the street from Crown Movie Theater in Hartford. The young woman who helped you is the owner's daughter. They are an awesome family and the food is still cheap and great.

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          what i mean is, there is a new place there now. right across from green man. was a young man who served me there. haven't tried the place across from crown- that's a shady bunch of stores. recommended?