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Oct 5, 2006 11:19 AM

red hook soccer fields: still open?

anyone know if the vendors will still be around this weekend?

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  1. Can someone please post where these infamous soccer fields are exactly located within Red Hook? I've been wanting to go and see and taste what all the talk is about.

    P.S. Sorry. I didn't mean to hijack your post!

    1. The vendors are located at the corner of Bay Street and Clinon Street.

      Here's a map:

      1. HereI point you to Porchop express's excellent blog.

        Here's a copy and paste from an earlier thread on this:

        on Sep 15, 2006 redhooklatino replied

        Thanks everyone for enjoying our foods! We will be winding down(not as many visitors frequent the park) after sept. 16 but still open for business until the second week of November...Yes, there are plans for a more permanent establishment all-year round in the near future. Huaraches, pupusas, tacos, ceviches and anything else you may favor we will be happy to provide. Meantime, we are in the process of constructing a website and\or which will be hopefully up and running by late fall where we will provide info. dates, times, events, (even recipes) for your convenience. Special thanks to J. Slab and his wonderful blog. His coverage of our events and food surpasses any article written about us thus far. Last, thank you all for your enthusiastic support and positive comments.


        The Vendors.

        1. i think your question is well covered but i will add that i was there this past sunday and it was absolutely great as usual. i think two of my favorite booths are the ones on each end - the ceviches are excellent and i took some of the shrimp ceviche home, bought some of the delicious sweet cut up mango and the mid corner stand and had a great dinner too. and of course the pupusas in the middle......i won't go on as you have the great porkchop blog (and map!) but go even if only one stand is left as they are all pretty great.