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Oct 5, 2006 10:42 AM

Mocca is what?

I loved Mocca at 82nd and Second. Fried cauliflower - the duck -
starting a meal with baratsk. Where is good Hungarian food in Manhattan?

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  1. Do you know when this restaurant closed?

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    1. Are you sure this place is closed? I am sure I saw their awning about a month ago....could they have merged with another place?

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      1. re: erica

        Definitely closed. Their phone has been disconnected, and there is no forwarding number.

      2. Yes, they did merge with another restaurant one block south, with a similar menue, but sadly it's not the same old Mocca and the food is not the same. I miss the old place terribly, the food, and especially Magda my favorite Hungarian waitress. Can anyone recommend authentic Hungarian food in any of the burroughs?

        1. Mocca moved in with Frankie's, a diner, a little south on 2 Ave. Frankies' served one of the worst breakfasts ever, so Mocca was a good fit. Now Frankie's has gone belly up, to the great relief of people who like decent food.

          I like Hungarian food, Czech even better, but Mocca was a disaster. Will we ever see the likes of The Ruc again?

          1. I don't think the food at Mocca was ever good. But anyway, it "merged" with a place a block away and it's called something like Frankie's Mocca. But don't bother, it's bad.

            Andre's Hungarian is on 2nd Ave near 85th, and they have a limited menu of Hungarian food. It's not great, but some dishes are okay (menu rotates), but it's certainly better than Mocca is or was.

            Try their cabbage strudels.

            There is also a Hungarian restaurant called Katerina's in the east 50s which is pretty upscale and some things are good.