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Oct 5, 2006 09:23 AM

Spanish Food in PDX

Any suggestions for a good Spanish place that serves good tapas (real tapas, i.e., jamon, seafood, lamb -- not the small plate fusion stuff you get in places like Navarre) and a hearty tasty paella?

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  1. Try PATANEGRA [503.227.7282. 1818 NW 23rd Place]
    Not as good is the owner's previous restaurant (Tapeo) but OK.

    1. I have not been myself, but have heard that Fernando's downtown is good:

      1. I prefer Patanegra to Fernando's--we've had pretty good service and food at the former, and consistently pretty bad service and unremarkable food at the latter.

        Can they actually get patanegra at Patanegra yet? I know when they opened the food police wouldn't let patanegra into the country because it didn't meet US food safety standards, but I've heard since then that there are importers who are getting it into the country now.

        1. Patanegra. I've had horrible service and food there. Owner or manager has a serious anger problem. I know someone who witnessed a particularly ugly scene soley instigated by him.

          1. I have tried Fernando's twice and was pretty disappointed by the food and the fact that the smoke from the bar wafted back to us. I'll probably not go back to that place again. Strangely, we've gone to Lauro for "Spanish" food, ie., paella and some of the tapa-like appetizers and have not been disappointed. But still, I'd to go to a place that serves a full selection of hot and cold tapas (with seafood especially).

            So what's the scoop about Patanegra's owner??? Is this some sort of thing like the "Pizza Nazi" in Portland or the "Sushi Nazi" in L.A? Or is this something altogether different?