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Washington/Oregon hamburger chain

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I read in Gourmet some time back about a small chain that serves great hamburgers and regional food such as Vidalia onion rings and hazelnut milkshakes. Anyone know the name?

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  1. You mean Burgerville??? I love their sweet potato fries.....

    1. Walla Walla onion rings, not Vidalias, but yeah, it's Burgerville. Their seasonal raspberry shakes are pretty damn great too.

      A non-food example of why Burgerville is so great: the toy in their Happy-Meal-equivalent was a packet of seeds and a little pot to plant them in. They sold out and substituted a plastic jar that you could catch bugs with and observe them through a magnifying lens in the lid.

      1. Yup, that's the place: Burgerville USA. As far as drive-thru fast food joints go, B-ville is the top of the line. Fresh local ingredients, cooked to order. Recommended, if that's your thing.

        Official Company website


        1. A real bummer that the normal fall seasonal shake, huckleberry, is no longer being made! I sent them a sad email which they have ignored. Coming next is the chocolate hazelnut. I don't recal raspberry, but in summer is blackberry.

          They also use Oregon Country Beef, which is veg-fed, no antibiotic/hormones. Oregon bleu cheese, etc.

          Only within a 60-mile radius of Portland-Vancouver.

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            last Saturday they were serving pumpkin shakes. Like frozen pumpkin pie...quite lovely.

          2. You might want to review the discussion of the pros (and cons) of Burgerville's offerings under this recent Chowhound thread:

            1. Had a pumpkin smoothie with a 9-grain turkey club today...didn't have the sweet potato fries (though I kinda wanted them), though. Practicing a bit of restraint because I'm gonna do a lot of rich eating in the next couple of weeks, but I just can't resist the pumpkin smoothies. The pumpkin flavor is one of my faves there.

              I've switched from the shakes to the smoothies because unless I am drinking them side-by-side, I can't really tell the difference at all. The smoothie, made with non-fat yogurt, is 390 calories/1.5g of fat, the shake is 770 calories/35g of fat. I'm not usually looking for low-cal when I eat fast food, but this switch has been a good one for me, YMMV.

              BV Nutritional Guide: http://www.burgerville.com/html/pdf/n...

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                I felt the same way about the blackberry smoothie I had earlier this year. I was amazed at how good nf yogurt tasted!

              2. Had the pumpkin smoothie & sweet potato fries today after an awful morning. I promptly forgot my troubles!