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Oct 5, 2006 07:22 AM

another burger question.. (ribeyes,brisket, pork)

Lately I've been having my butcher grind up ribeye steaks for me to make burgers with.(I live in South Africa, and beef is pretty cheap and delicouse here) They are delicouse but not quite fat enough to be as juicy as I want them even though I always have him grind the whole steaks fat and all.
So on my last trip I had him throw a chunk of brisket in with the two ribeye steaks, it had a big piece of fat on it as well.
The burgers were fantastically juicy but they had a tallowey, marrowey, beef fatish flavor that was not 100% what I wanted.

Any suggestions on what to add to my ribeye mince to make them more juicy without disturbing the clean delicouse flavor of the ribeye?

Ive heard people mention putting pork. Is it okay now to serve pork medium rare? What cut of pork? and how much?


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  1. Because ribeyes are so expensive in the States, I would cringe if I had to grind one up. If I were to grind up a piece of beef, it would be the chunk which has and great flavor and have the butcher add a little more pure fat. From what I observe in the meat section, I don't think any cut on display has enough fat by itself for hamburgers. I like ground beef with about 25% fat. I don't think pork belongs in a hamburger. I want to taste beef and not pork. There has not been a reported case of trichinosis in the States in a long long time but the FDA has NOT come out and say that it is ok to eat medium rare pork. But many of us no problem eating pork that is pink.

    1. I ate delicouse iberian pork loin in london that was medium rare, but that was from special pigs I guess.

      Last time I had two ribeyes ground up it was about R50.00 totall. Just divide that by 8 to see what the dollar cost is. Also South African beef is delicouse, and mostly grass fed.

      My question is really what sort of fat would be best to add to the ribeye? Did you mean chuck by chunk?

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        Although I'm not sold on using a ribeye to make a burger, you might want to try grinding up some skirt steak. It has a decent amount of fat on it and a very beefy flavor.

      2. I have heard people put in pork fat and say it was quite tasty, also some have put in bacon fat but this would probably detract from the flavor of the ribeye.

        1. I agree that skirt or hangar steak are great ground up for burgers. If all you want to do is add fat, your butcher should have a bucket of beef trimmings - just toss a few hunks of fat in there and you should be all set

          1. The best burgers I have ever had were ground up beef chucks with the fat and trimmings from the butcher table.
            I understand that beef is cheap in South Africa, but why grind up rib-eyes and other beef primal cuts? You are you are grinding the meat,so tenderness is obviously not a issue. Dry aging the the meat would add flavor, and I would ask your butcher about that possibility.

            Brisket with the fat cap intact, would be a very juicy burger, as would any section of the round. I would not add pork just for the fat, but a little pork would add some flavor, but cooking it to rare might be a health issue. There is plenty of fat that is trimmed from beef to be added if you only seek moisture in your burgers.