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Oct 5, 2006 06:59 AM

TC pastry's sesame balls are all that .....

After reading about TC Pastry in Daly City/SF - I found myself near Daly City today. Stopped and tried the baked pork buns and the sesame balls. The Sesame balls were outstanding - very thin and crunchy.....not too greasy, just the right amount :~) A pleasant golden lotus seed filling.....
50 cents each .... the baked pork buns were not as sweet as most - more savory and not quite the ubersize that many have morphed into..... as Melanie has opined: they are a tad more yeasty than others .... good but I'm trying to decide whether I like them more than the ones at Cafe Bakery or You's Dim Sum. Worth trying, in any event .....

Here's a link to a nice close up of the sesame balls with the baked BBQ pork buns in the back.....
I will definitely return for some more of these sesame sirens .....

TC Pastry is in St. Francis Square at the corner of South Gate Dr. and St. Francis Blvd.

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  1. Sesame balls... my favorite! Your description sounds delicious. I was in Daly City on Monday for work, and I wish I had known about TC Pastry =) I would have gladly eaten a lunch of sesame balls & pork buns... YUM.

    1. Thanks for the corroboration on the sesame balls. That's a great photo.

      Post on TC Pastry -

      1. Hey Melanie .... not only are the sesame seed balls yummy, they photograph well also! Thank you Nikon.

        1. Good call on the sesame balls, Gordon. Stopped by last week after reading your post and I agree, they really are a cut above the average, sodden product. The cocktail buns are also decent with a non-grainy coconut filling, although not in league of (the late, lamented) Superior Bakery. I would avoid the eggrolls. These were of the execrable "we use cabbage to give them bulk" variety.

          I also tried a plate of lechon at Lech' Go. Very nice skin on the pork there. Just let the rice on the plate gently heat the meat and you've got delicious, runny pork oil and delightfully crispy skin on which to munch.